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The development of aerial work platforms needs continuous technological innovation to improve quality

the development of aerial work platforms needs continuous technological innovation to improve quality

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in the heavy industry, the production steel of mechanical equipment is one of the main raw materials. According to the latest monitoring data, steel prices have shown a steady upward trend since mid June. On July 14, the steel price index was 3230, up 2.22% on a weekly basis. Many insiders believe that after nearly a month of consolidation, the short-term steel market is still expected to continue the trend of slight rise

analysts said that the historically low steel price, low social inventory and the continuously strengthened expectation of stable growth policy have begun to play a supporting role in the current steel price, and the domestic market mentality has gradually improved. In the short term, the domestic steel price is expected to continue to rise slightly

in the market, the national steel price rose steadily in July, and the price increase in East China was the highest. In mid July, the leading steel mills in East China continued to raise the ex factory price of deformed steel bar, Shagang and Zhongtian thread increased by 20 yuan/ton, and Yonggang thread increased by 40 yuan/ton

analysts believe that there has been a structural shortage of construction steel resources in the Shanghai market recently. There are many small mills in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other places, and the resources of the third and fourth tier steel mills have dominated the market. This is also the main reason for the recent rise in building materials prices in East China, led by the resources of large factories and the lingering resources of small factories, as well as the railway system

at the same time, domestic raw material prices fluctuated slightly, billets and imported ores rose slightly, domestic ores and scrap stabilized, and coke fell weakly

analysts said that with the end of the Meiyu season, the end-user purchasing volume has recovered, but the recovery is not strong. It is expected that the social supply will remain high. Recently, the prices of imported ores and billets have rebounded, while coking coal and coke have fallen slightly, and the production costs of steel mills have not changed much. In the later stage, various targeted easing policies are expected to continue to be introduced, and policy factors still become an important supporting factor for market stabilization

a broker analyst believes that the continuous improvement of profits has led to the continuous improvement of the operating rate of steel mills. This week, the utilization rate of blast furnace capacity in Tangshan was 95.78%, reaching the highest level since late May 2013. Against the background that overcapacity has not been completely solved, another solution is that according to the structure of the universal testing machine, the rise in steel prices and the recovery of profits will eventually be suppressed by the rapidly rising supply.

for the pendulum type film impact testing machine on the aerial work platform, the test requirements: for the industry, the change in the price of raw materials is bound to affect the change in production costs. However, the development of mechanical equipment should not focus on how to save costs, but on continuous innovation. Only by ensuring quality and taking the lead in technological innovation can we win the market

founded in 2007, Yunxiang heavy industry has been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of aerial work platforms with various types of fuel tanks loaded to a certain load. Over the years, it is precisely because of the continuous innovation of products, the continuous improvement of functions and the continuous improvement of quality that Yunxiang heavy industry has developed and expanded today

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