The development of flexographic printing industry

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Development of China's flexographic printing industry for many years, we have been paying close attention to the development of China's flexographic printing industry. I personally believe that the main reason why flexographic printing can achieve rapid growth in Europe and the United States is that it has a very high productivity. rdquo; In the 1970s, labor costs in Europe and the United States began to rise. The industry urgently needed a printing process with higher productivity. Flexographic printing became the darling of that era. Flexographic printing also has certain limitations. Consumers and print designers have made rational concessions to this end, so that the advantages of flexographic printing have been brought into full play. As a result, the current situation and development trend of the global carbon fiber and its composites industry have been interpreted, and flexographic printing has begun to develop rapidly in Europe and the United States

in China, because the labor cost is low and the calculation method of total cost is different from that in Europe and America, the productivity is not the most important factor for packaging and printing enterprises and their customers. However, at present, the labor cost in coastal areas is increasing day by day, China is gradually becoming a global manufacturing center, and the scale of China's domestic market is also expanding rapidly. These trends show that the importance of productivity will become increasingly prominent

at present, the cost of commercial operation in China is increasing. The government has formulated more laws and regulations to protect the environment and the interests of employees. All regions are competing for skilled and unskilled labor. At the same time, the land in coastal areas is becoming increasingly expensive. Some corrugated box printing enterprises in South China are shifting from traditional labor-intensive production mode to flexible printing with online processing, higher production efficiency and higher product grade

China is becoming an undisputed manufacturing center in the world, and China's middle class is growing. These trends will lead to the increase of live print volume and frequent changes in packaging design. In the field of label printing, traditional relief printing enterprises have invested in flexographic printing machines to print long plates. The vibration verification of hydraulic universal testing machines is active. In the field of wide web printing, some gravure printing enterprises have also begun to use flexographic printing machines to print tensile films (such as PE films)

in China, productivity will eventually become an important factor to promote the development of flexographic printing, and in the field where flexographic printing can give full play to its advantages, consumers will eventually enjoy the lower total cost brought about by the increase in productivity. There are many active forces in the printing field, and flexographic printing is trying to find its own position

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