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Horizontal lathe operating procedures

machine information integration: applicable model:

1. Ordinary lathe: c613 (1613 Д), 1613,CM6125,CG6125,C615(1615M),C616(1616),C616A(1616 П), 1616M,C6132A,1617,C6136A,C618,C618K(SK360),C,C620(1 Д 62M),C(1A62),CB,C(1K62),CW6140,CY6140,CM6140,CW6140A,CA6140,C6140,TA1620,MK53KC,CW6143,CM6150,C630(1 Д 63),CM6163,C(1 Д 63A)C640(1A64),CW61100,111C,1602,SV18R,1N61,S,S,TR70B,SN400 × 2000,C650(1 Д 65), 1651670, eu-500, Guicheng 3#

2. Relieving lathe: C8 is 904, c8955 (K96) to reduce power supply noise

3. Other non-standard lathes:

I. carefully implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for metal cutting machine tools

II. Carefully implement the following general regulations on ordinary lathes:

(I) be careful in work:


when aligning the workpiece, it is only allowed to move the chuck by hand or open the lowest speed alignment by 2022, and it is not allowed to open the high-speed alignment

2. When processing the bar, the bar shall not be too long. Generally, it is appropriate not to exceed 300mm beyond the rear end of the spindle hole, and it shall be clamped in the spindle hole with wood chips. If it is more than 300 mm, it should be supported by a bracket. It can be processed only after it is confirmed to be safe, but it is not allowed to drive at a high speed


when processing heavy workpieces, the counterweight should be properly added and firmly fastened. Turn the chuck by hand to check that there is no obstacle, and then rotate at a low speed. Confirm that the maximum width of each crack should be measured and the counterweight meets the requirements before processing


when jacking the workpiece with the tailstock thimble, the extension of the tailstock sleeve shall not exceed twice the sleeve diameter, and pay attention to locking at the same time

5. When drilling with a tailstock mounted drill bit, it is not allowed to use a lever to turn the hand wheel to feed

6. When loading and unloading heavy workpieces, place a wooden board on the bed surface to prevent accidents


when loading and unloading the chuck, it is only allowed to rotate the V-belt by hand instead of rotating the spindle. It is absolutely forbidden to directly start the machine tool to loosen or tighten it forcibly. At the same time, a wooden board should be placed on the bed surface to prevent accidents

8. When the chute moves quickly, stop moving quickly 50~100 mm before the limit position to prevent collision


the installation of turning tool should not stretch out too long, the turning tool gasket should be flat, and the width should be consistent with the width of the bottom surface of the turning tool

10. When turning the excircle, it is only allowed to use the light screw instead of the lead screw to move the slide to move the knife

11. When changing the rotation direction of the spindle, stop the spindle first and then do it. It is not allowed to suddenly change the rotation direction of the spindle

12. It is not allowed to brake the rotation of the main shaft by reversing the vehicle during work

13. When processing steel parts to iron castings or other non-ferrous metal parts, the cutting chips should be completely removed and the coolant wiped

when processing iron castings or other non-ferrous metal parts to steel parts, remove the chips, thoroughly wipe the guide rail surface and lubricate it with oil

14. During high-speed cutting, attention must be paid to:

① chip breaking devices should be provided for cutting steel parts

② convertible top dust must be used

15. The weight and speed of the workpiece of the large lathe must be carried out according to the requirements of the operation manual

(II) do it carefully after work:

1. Move the slide and tailstock to the tail end of the lathe

2. Large unfinished workpieces that have been stopped for more than one shift shall be supported by wood blocks

III. carefully implement the following special regulations on lathes:

(I) if you have any problems, please contact our company in time 670 large lathes:

1. The maximum weight of machined parts shall not exceed 50 tons. Ammeter reading is not allowed to exceed 500A


when starting up, the oil pump must be started first, and the main motor can be connected only when the green signal light indicating that the lubrication system is working normally is on


only after the main motor stops can the handwheel be used to change the spindle speed. When the white signal light for speed change is on, the main motor can be restarted; When the main motor is working, you can use the button to adjust the motor speed, and you can get the spindle speed change

4. The rotation speed of the main shaft should be selected according to the working weight check table, and it is not allowed to increase arbitrarily


if the automatic switch is turned on, the supervision signal light is off, and the horn sends a signal, stop immediately, find out the cause, and then continue to work after troubleshooting

(II) c8904, c8955 (K96), shovel tooth lathe:

when doing shovel grinding work, it should be done carefully:

1. Check the grinding wheel before work to ensure that it is complete, free of cracks, and installed correctly

2. At the beginning of shovel grinding, the feeding amount should be small and the feeding speed should be slow to prevent the grinding wheel from cracking due to cold brittleness, especially in winter when the temperature is low

3. Pay attention to the power line of the grinding head to avoid bumping and electric shock

4. The new grinding wheel should be carefully checked before installation. If there are cracks and bumps, it is absolutely forbidden to use it. During installation, a paper pad should be placed between the grinding wheel and the flange, and the screws should be tightened evenly. Click to view all industries (end)

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