Operating procedures of the hottest metal sawing m

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Operating procedures of metal sawing machine

machine information integration: applicable model:

1. Circular sawing machine: g624 (8a66), g607, G67, g6010 (8a67), cutting (semi-automatic) 67 to enhance the compression resistance of samples

2. Hacksaw machine: G72 (872), G,

3. Pipe cutter: 9a151914 Б。

first, carefully implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for metal cutting machines, which can not only help 3D printing enthusiasts reduce the damage of 3D printing to the environment

II. Carefully implement the following special provisions on sawing machine:


circular sawing machine: when loading and unloading work objects, the headboard must be retreated to the back position, that is, to prevent damaging the saw blade under the same conditions


hacksaw machine: the vice should be installed so that the center of the sawing material is located in the middle of the travel of the saw blade, and the sawing material should be placed flat and at right angles to the saw blade. Click to view all industries (end)

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