Operating procedures of the hottest peeling tester

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Operating procedures of peel testing machine

peel testing machine is what we call tensile testing machine. What is a tensile testing machine? Tensile testing machine is used to carry out static load, tension, compression and bending of materials, and 87% of the recycled plastics are exported directly or indirectly (through Hong Kong) to China. It is a mechanical testing machine for bending, shearing, peeling and other mechanical property tests

if you buy a peel testing machine, you must pay attention to the operating procedures. Next, we will introduce the operating procedures of the peel testing machine. During normal operation, you should try to follow the following points to avoid adverse losses

first of all, select a site for testing products

and align the scribed line on the buffer valve handle with the marking line. Secondly, before the operation of the testing machine, ensure that all wiring is correct and preheat for at least 15 minutes to package the stability of the sensor

third, the oil output from the oil pump enters the oil cylinder first, and the position of the upper and lower limit blocks shall be reasonably set according to the test, so as to prevent the instrument from over stroke operation and damage to the fixture and sample

fourth, when pressing the fast up key or fast down key, do not put your hand between the moving beam and the fixed sample, fixture or test device to avoid injury

fifth, it is strictly prohibited to use the machine under overload and overspeed

sixth, it is strictly forbidden for hard objects to collide with the lifting lead screw, and apply lubricating oil on time

seventh, when replacing the V-belt mechanically, pay attention to the position of the hand to prevent pinching fingers, and the transmission part must be covered with a protective cover

eighth, do not operate too fast when adjusting the lifting speed with electronic stepless speed regulation

ninth, it is necessary to make a strong machine with a strength of more than 50kN. Before use, pay attention to checking the fastening of the clamp lifting screws

tenth, when lifting and pulling down the fixture, the action should be stable to avoid collision. Always check the tightness of the fixture screws

eleventh, when replacing the test fixture of the peel testing machine, pay attention to cooperation to prevent crushing injury

twelfth, when opening the fixture to clamp the sample, pay attention to the clamping distance of the sample, not too much or too little

thirteenth, when the tensile testing machine is connected with the microcomputer, it must be operated according to the program requirements, and it is strictly prohibited to operate against rules to cause program disorder

fourteenth, for parameters to be printed, check whether there is paper in the printer before printing and supplement it in time. For the high molecular material industry, where high-end products rely heavily on imports,

fifthly, turn off the machine according to the program requirements after the operation, and it is strictly forbidden to cut off the power directly

XVI. Strictly implement the annual inspection system, and the parameter identification and certification shall be carried out by the National Metrology identification institution at regular intervals

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