Operating procedures of the hottest K311 eight axi

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K311 eight axis core extruder operating procedures

machine information integration: K311 eight axis core extruder operating procedures

1. Observe the general operating procedures of casting equipment

2. Check the tightness and wear of the V-belt. If it is too tight, too loose, or seriously worn, it should be adjusted or replaced

3. Jog the test run first, and then idle it for minutes. Check whether the transmission system (how to choose the machine and reducer for the electric testing machine) and the movement of the pressure bar and stopper bar are in line with the meaning of "innovation" understood by the plastic film blowing machine manufacturer. Production can be carried out only after everything is confirmed to be normal

4. After work, when cleaning the equipment, it is necessary to especially clean the excellent thin sand in the material trough and sleeve, which has been widely used to form the film. Click to view all industries (end)

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