Operating procedures of the hottest bending machin

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Bending machine operating procedures

machine information integration: applicable model: И- 216,RW-16,No-10,A918 Б

first, earnestly implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for forging equipment

II. Carefully implement the following supplementary provisions. The marking is drawn on the prepared sample by printing or manually (the addition of the marking will not have any impact on the sample):

(I) before work, check that the mold or roller should be intact without cracking, so it is firm


hot bending or cold bending shall be carried out in strict accordance with the process regulations. The workpiece for hot bending shall be heated to the specified temperature. It is not allowed to bend the workpiece without heating or with insufficient heating temperature on the equipment. Click to view the industries of electronic tensile testing machines designed by scientific research institutes (end)

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