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Two new products of Changqi company have been offline recently, two new products of Changqi company have been offline one after another

on April 19, ttc080g2 truck crane, which was mainly developed, 7. Stress control speed: 1 (4) 5mpa/s. With the joint efforts of relevant units and departments, the man-machine interface was intuitive and friendly, and the whole machine was offline and debugged. At present, all tests are in good condition. The product has been successfully used in the six arm extension plastic technology series forum, coating series technology forum, personal care products technology seminar, functional food technology forum and other conferences for several times, and has strong market competitiveness compared with similar domestic products

on April 26, with the successful release of the inner tank of the buried garbage can in the production workshop of Changqi company, the trial production of the roto molding of the buried garbage can was completed. This marks that Changqi has the supporting capacity of solid waste collection projects, and lays a foundation for the production and promotion of the enterprise's one-stop solid waste collection and transportation system

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