Operating procedures of the hottest high pressure

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Operating instructions for high-pressure piston diaphragm pump

I. preparations before operation

1. Wash the antifreeze in the pump thoroughly if necessary

2. Check whether the nozzle is fastened

3. Open all valves to make the pump get sufficient liquid level

4. Adjust the pressure reducing valve of the pump outlet pipeline to enable the pump to start at the lowest pressure

5. Check the belt to make it moderately tight

II. Start

1. Turn on the power and start the pump

2. Check whether the suction pressure or vacuum degree is normal (it shall not exceed 24kpa at 21 ℃, and the lifting pressure facing the aluminum demand of new energy passenger cars shall not exceed 1380kpa)

3. Check whether the pump has abnormal sound and whether the liquid flow is stable

4. If air blockage is found in the pump system and the liquid cannot be sucked, the following treatment should be done:

a, turn off the power

b remove the drain plug at the bottom center of the pump head

c restart the pump system until the liquid flows out of the drain plug

d. turn off the power and tighten the drain plug

5. Adjust the drainage pressure controller until the required operating pressure and bypass pressure are obtained (the bypass pressure of the pump shall not exceed the pressure limit of the pump)

6. Adjust the pressure of the safety relief valve to make its pressure 690kpa higher than the required operating pressure

III. close

1. Suck in the pump 3 The expanded product pipeline and discharge pipeline of various main products are disconnected

in addition,

2. Remove the drain plug in the center of the bottom of the pump and start the pump until all the liquid in the pump is discharged

3. Shut down the pump and install the drain plug

In addition

4, if the external temperature is lower than the freezing temperature of the conveying liquid, fill the pump with antifreeze

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