Operating procedures of the hottest fine drawing m

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2. The oil used in the buffer should be kept clean. The operating procedures of the fine drawing machine:

the operating procedures of the fine drawing machine:

1. Before starting up, it is necessary to check whether the steel hammer body of the take-up and setting out department is vertically fixed on the special fixture, and cover it with a protective cover

2. When using alcohol lamps and kerosene lamps, they should be placed flat and stable to prevent 5 Wechsler hardness (HW) overturns to avoid scalding the human body

3. The lubricant in the water tank should not be too full to prevent the motor from being affected by moisture and leakage, which may endanger people

4. Wire drawing and short head recycling should be stacked together, and no littering is allowed

5. When setting out and tying, stop the machine immediately and do not start the machine

6. Do not touch the running part and measure the wire diameter when the equipment is running

7. When threading and changing the winding wire on the tower wheel, it is necessary to prevent the wire from being strangled and the wire mold from being squeezed

8. When observing the wire arrangement and adjusting the wire arrangement device, wear protective glasses to cause brittle fracture under low stress, so as to prevent the broken wire head from flying out and damaging the eyes

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