Operating procedures of the hottest overflow ball

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Operating procedures of overflow ball mill

operating procedures of overflow ball mill: ball mill is an indispensable part of mineral processing equipment and plays an important role in the crushing process. The main types of ball mills include: cone energy-saving ball mill, lattice ball mill, tubular ball mill, roller bearing ball mill, etc. In this paper, Xinhai machinery mainly introduces the operation, maintenance and overhaul procedures of overflow ball mill, which is convenient for ball mill users for reference. 1. Check the mechanical and electrical parts before starting up, and check whether the connecting bolts are loose; Whether the lubrication of each lubricating point is normal, the transmission shall not affect whether the pointer zeroing device is normal and reliable, the protective device is intact, and the electrical instruments are sensitive. The motor is designed to help customers solve complex design and manufacturing difficulties in the single 1 platform, and the carbon brush contact is good. 2. Turn the gear for a week, check whether there are obstacles in or around the rotating part of the equipment, and remove them. No one is allowed to stand around when starting. 3. After checking, press the start button to start the motor and pay attention to the current change. The ball mill shall not be started more than twice continuously, with an interval of more than 5 minutes between the first and the second. If it is started for the third time, it can only be started after cooperating with electricians and fitters. It is not allowed to start with other equipment, and it should be started staggered to avoid tripping. 4. After the normal operation of the mill, it is strictly in accordance with the provisions of water supply, ore feeding and adding steel balls. Overload operation is prohibited, and the idling time shall not exceed 15 minutes to avoid damaging the lining plate. 5. During operation, pay attention to check whether the cylinder is leaking slurry, carefully observe whether the current, voltage, feeding and water supply are normal, and check the temperature of the motor and main shaft every half an hour to see if it is not greater than 60 ℃. If any problem is found, deal with it in time. 6. During operation, it is necessary to observe whether the hollow shaft and oil ring rotate with oil, and whether the temperature of the hollow shaft is normal. If the hollow shaft is found to be heated, although China has established and explored a series of plastic waste materials for source reuse, when it is close to burning tiles, it is necessary to take forced cooling measures immediately and more stably, and do not stop immediately, so as to avoid "holding the shaft". At the same time, pay attention to check the oil quantity and temperature of each lubricating part, and add oil regularly. 7. Stop feeding ore before stopping the ball mill, and stop feeding water after the concentrate is treated in standby. Press the stop button and pull down the switch. 8. In case of power failure without notice, first pull down the knife switch and press the stop button to stop ore feeding and water supply. 9. After parking, clean the equipment and environmental sanitation to ensure civilized production

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