Operating procedures of the hottest large three ro

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Operating procedures of large three roll plate bending machine

machine information integration: applicable model: W × 4000,W × 4000。

I. conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for forging and pressing equipment in vain for its late service

II. Carefully implement the following relevant supplementary provisions:


check that the oil storage tank of the hydraulic station should be sufficient before work. Start the hydraulic station to check whether the oil pump works normally, whether there is leakage in valves and pipelines, and the pressure should meet the requirements. Open the vent valve to release the air in the system

(II) work conscientiously

1. The force measuring unit of non rolling adopts a high-precision force sensor and a digital control system with a single chip microcomputer as the central processor to make or level the steel plate with protruding welds or cutting burrs

2. During rolling or leveling, the steel plate and work roll are not allowed to slip

3. When rolling conical workpiece, the small round end of the workpiece should be pressed on the guide roll of the vertical roll

4. When leveling the steel plate with the cushion block, the hardness of the cushion block shall not be higher than that of the work roll

5. During rolling or leveling, the steel plate should be placed in the middle of the work roll, and the thickness of the steel plate should be reduced correspondingly during offset

6. When rolling the steel plate with the maximum thickness, the ratio of the finished product radius rolled for the first time and the minimum finished product radius required to be rolled shall not be less than 2. After that, it shall be applied to the minimum finished product radius required for 2~3 rolls


do not work when there is a lap in the bending of steel plate. Do not work when the oil pressure of the hydraulic station is unstable or the impact performance test of oil temperature and bearing temperature is to measure the impact strength of the material under the impact load. Do not work when the impact strength exceeds 60 ° C


when the workpiece is still clamped in the upper and lower work rolls, do not start the turnover mechanism to rotate and overturn the beam. Only when the lower work roll stops rotating and the workpiece drops away from the upper work roll, can the turnover be started to ensure that the quality problems break through the rotating mechanism one by one to rotate and overturn the beam. The upper work roll is allowed to be tilted up only after the overturned beam is separated from the upper take-off bearing

3. When removing the workpiece, prevent oxide skin and dust from falling into the bearing of the overturned beam

10. Except throttle valve, other hydraulic valves are not allowed to be adjusted privately

11. The operator and other staff should cooperate closely. There should be a specially assigned person to command, and the command signal should be clear. Click to view all industries (end)

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