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Operating procedures for ordinary milling machines

machine information integration: applicable model:

1. Horizontal milling machines: x6012, X60 (6h80 Γ), X60W(6H80),X602,X61(6H81 Γ), X6H81,X6030,X6130,X62(6H82 Γ), X62W(6H82),X6232,X6232A,X63,(6H83 Γ) X63W, 6h83y, 6h83, Ba, 6h81a, fu2a, 4 experimental software works in Windows Chinese and English environment FWA, fa5h, fa5u, IAE, x3810

2. Vertical milling machine: X50, X51 (6h11), X52, X52K (6h12), x53, X53k (6h13), when the material yields, x53t (fa5v), x5430a, x50t, x5350, xs5040, x518, 6 П 10,F,F,FA4AV,652,VF222,FSS,FB40V,6H13 П, FYA41M,4MK-V,UF/,6A54, ΓФ 300, ΓФ 173M-12。

3. CNC vertical milling machine: xsk5040iii

4. Keyway milling machine: X920 (692a), 4205, xz9006, ДФ 60A,

5. Universal tool milling: x8119 (678m), X8126 (679), x8140680

I. conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for metal cutting machines, which to a certain extent has been driven by the purchase preference of millennial generation 1

II. Carefully implement the following general provisions on milling machines:

(I) be careful in work:


when milling irregular workpieces and holding workpieces with vises, dividing heads and special fixtures, the center of gravity of irregular workpieces and vises, dividing heads, special fixtures, etc. should be placed in the middle of the worktable as far as possible to avoid uneven stress on the worktable and deformation


during rapid or automatic feed milling, do not move the workbench to the two extremes to avoid crushing the screw rod

3. It is not allowed to use motorized tool setting, which should be carried out dynamically


when reversing the workbench, stop the reversing handle in the middle position first, and then reverse. Direct reversing is not allowed

5. When milling keyway shafts or cutting thin workpieces, strictly prevent milling the dividing head or worktable


when milling a plane, a cutter head with more than four cutter heads must be used, and the appropriate cutting amount must be selected to prevent the machine tool from vibrating during milling


after working, stop the workbench in the middle position and drop the lifting table to the lowest position

III. carefully implement the following special provisions:

xsk50 the reason for this kind of phenomenon 40 Ⅲ NC vertical milling machine. Before working, carry out the pre selection of relevant work steps, spindle speed, tool feed, tool trajectory and continuous offside according to the process requirements. Put the electrical knob in the "adjustment" position for commissioning, and then put the electrical knob in the automatic or semi-automatic position for operation after confirming that there is no problem. Click to view all industries (end)

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