Shell and BP are expected to acquire chain gas sta

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Shell and BP are expected to be conditionally approved to acquire chain gas stations in Germany

shell and BP are expected to be conditionally approved to acquire chain gas stations in Germany

December 12, 2001

in order to avoid the doubt of trust and successfully complete the planned merger and acquisition, Royal Dutch Shell (ne:rd) and BP PLC (gb:bp/) will sell more than 2000 gas stations in Germany to reduce their share of gasoline and diesel retail market in the country. Among them, shell, which plans to acquire German RWE AG, will set up a chain of gas stations under its control; BP, which aims to acquire a chain of gas stations, must sell more than 1100 gas stations in order to completely avoid the accusation of monopolizing the market. The two merger purchase cases between BP and shell are worth 9.5 billion euros. The German antitrust authority said at the end of November that BP and shell must make concessions in their plans to acquire German gas stations and gas stations He said, "the manufacturing industry is actually in the golden stage of job creation since the 1990s, and the transparency is better than pvc/eva and TPO, so it can be approved of course. The federal card board of Germany (equivalent to the free market competition commission of the European Union) said at that time," we have clearly told these companies that the merger proposal will be blocked under current conditions. " It is reported that RWE and the sale of the oil business department are to obtain funds to finance its mergers and acquisitions of power generation and natural gas industries. According to the opinion survey results released by management today magazine recently, Royal Dutch Shell is the most admired enterprise in the UK recently. At that time, Rufus Olins, the general manager of today's

management, said, "the current economic environment makes shell's business strategy

slightly more pleasing; it does not wander around and casually involve in high-risk investments." Its peer BP plc

(gb:bp/) ranked third in the vote, ranking below shell. At the beginning of this month, Philip watts, chairman of shell, also said that the group's words 1 are relatively large gaps and plans to invest more than US $400million in the energy industry in South Korea

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