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The white list management system Shengze seminar was successfully held on June 11

Shengze Town is an important textile industry cluster in China, and is famous for "ten thousand silk at sunrise and clothes and quilts all over the world" in history. The white list management system is the chemical safety management platform for the operation process industry of the hydraulic universal testing machine of China textile industry. Among the first 24 white list qualified enterprises announced by the China Textile Industry Federation, Shengze Town has four enterprises on the list, including Jiangsu Shenghong, Wujiang Fuhua, Jiangsu Fenghua and Suzhou Yide, which shows its industrial position

in order to promote Shengze textile enterprises to further improve their awareness of chemical safety management and expand their trade with Japan with the help of the influence of the white list management system, Shengze China Eastern Silk Market Management Committee and the China Textile Industry Federation worked closely together to hold a seminar on the non use of specific azo dyes in textiles and the white list management system in the conference room on the third floor of the China Eastern Silk Market Management Committee on the afternoon of June 11, 2012

Xia Lingmin, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, Zhong Yonglin, deputy secretary of Shengze Town Party committee, chenjiankun, deputy director of Shengze Town Service Industry Development Bureau, and other leaders and guests attended the meeting

Xia Lingmin, vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation, pointed out that at present, the attention to product safety in international trade is getting higher and higher. Japan is a country with very high requirements for product safety. This year, Japan implemented the self-discipline standard of the textile industry, which requires the fatigue crack growth experiment for Japanese exports. Textile products are batch tested for specific azo dyes, which will significantly increase the testing cost of export enterprises to Japan, This will have a negative impact on Sino Japanese trade. The establishment of the white list management system is conducive to reducing the cost of enterprises' trade with Japan and ensuring the smooth trade between China and Japan. At the same time, the system sets a benchmark for the safety management of the domestic printing and dyeing industry, and is conducive to guiding the printing and dyeing industry to improve its management level and promote the industry management level and innovation level to a new level

in his speech, Zhong Yonglin pointed out that the textile industry in Shengze Town is facing many adverse factors as the international situation continues to change and the production costs of domestic textile enterprises remain high. To resolve adverse factors and promote the healthy development of Shengze textile industry, enterprises in Shengze Town must strengthen their understanding of relevant international industry standards. 1. Take precautions after starting up. The white list management system is of great significance to improve the level of chemical management of enterprises, make China's textile quality in line with international standards, and ensure the smooth textile trade between China and Japan. Enterprises should attach great importance to it

zhangxicheng, deputy general manager of zhongfangluo Information Technology Co., Ltd., explained in detail the specific contents of the white list management system and the application process and other details to the participating enterprises

the meeting was highly valued by textile enterprises in Shengze Town, with more than 100 enterprises attending, and the atmosphere of the meeting was very warm

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