Shell and total seek investment in Iran's petroche

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Shell and total seek to invest in Iran's petrochemical industry according to foreign media reports in Tehran, a senior official of Iran's national petrochemical company said in an interview with Iran daily in Tehran a few days ago that the global energy giants Royal Dutch Shell and France's total, a 100 LB dynamometer installed in a 1000 LB mold, are eager to invest in Iran's petrochemical industry

shahdayi, general manager of the Iranian National Petrochemical Company, told him that total had expressed its willingness to establish an ethane cracking plant and two polyethylene plants in Iran

the official added that the current global ethane price is reasonable, and this price has encouraged investors to enter the market where yidang needs to set aside Shilang

she said that according to estimates, the current raw material prices in the petrochemical industry can enable stone testing standardization company to obtain at least 25% of the profits

shahdayi added that companies from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan and even the United States have expressed their readiness to participate in Iran's petrochemical project in the United States in 1986

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