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Shengzhou Haoyunlai printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. has overcome the difficulties of silk modification technology

and is less affected by the constant elongation stress (generally neglected). Recently, the silk modification technology conquered by Shengzhou Haoyunlai printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. has filled the international gap. This technology can increase the properties of shrink proof, wrinkle resistant, acid and alkali resistant and machine washable on the basis of maintaining the original advantages of softness and good air permeability

silk fabric is easy to wrinkle and difficult to handle, which is a worldwide problem. Due to backward production technology and insufficient scientific and technological development capacity, Chinese silk has been in the dilemma of making low-grade products from high-grade raw materials in the international market. Three years ago, Haoyunlai clothing and tie Co., Ltd. began to work together with colleges and universities to overcome technical difficulties. By March this year, the silk modification technology was finally developed successfully. When the first batch of products were launched on the Japanese market, Japanese merchants wrote in the test report "It is acid and alkali resistant, machine washable, and has the words" anti shrinking, anti-bacterial, real silk deodorization "and so on. Overcoming the difficulties in the modification technology of real silk has brought a revolutionary reform to the real silk field, which has played a key role in expanding the use of real silk fabrics, especially creating good conditions for the industrial upgrading of the tie industry.

at present, lucky researchers say that the clothing and tie Co., Ltd. invested 15million yuan to establish Shengzhou The silk fabric production and supporting dyeing technology transformation project of Haoyunlai printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. has passed the demonstration of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and other relevant units in the domestic Beijing Olympic Games, and has been put into production. The annual production of modified silk can reach 1200 tons. The company plans to apply silk modification technology to shirt fabrics, suit fabrics and fashion fabrics in the future, in order to strive to open up a larger market

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