Shell continues to promote the preparatory work of

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Shell continues to promote the preparatory work of the Pittsburgh petrochemical complex

shell chemical company continues to promote the preparatory work of building a large petrochemical complex in Pittsburgh, but the company has not yet fully invested in the project

A shell spokesman recently confirmed that the company has built a horizontal bridge in Monaca. The specific method is to rotate the rubber at the swing rod backward and swing the swing rod to cross the heavy-duty bridge on Virginia highway 18, so that trucks can enter the site to be built. The spokesman also confirmed that shell would spend $6.9 million (about 4.8 million euros) to remove a water intake in Monaca and build a new water treatment plant for the center town

the spokesman said that the agreement between shell and the Center Township Water Authority was "mutually beneficial", adding that "if Shell decides to build a plant here at that time", the preliminary preparation for the construction of the wharf "is very important for the later construction work", "because it can be used to transport important equipment"

shell first proposed to build a petrochemical complex in early 2012. The natural gas raw materials around the Marcellus shale area can almost cover the needs of most of the American population. The products produced by the plant to be built will include ethylene raw materials and polyethylene resin

shell officials previously said that the project will create hundreds of full-time jobs, more than 10000 temporary construction jobs and other related jobs that make the two zero lines overlap more in the whole region

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