Shell chemical expands Dutch ethylene glycol produ

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Shell chemical expands Dutch ethylene glycol capacity

shell chemical expands Dutch ethylene glycol capacity

June 21, 2004

-- in May 2013, the annual capacity of shell chemical's ethylene glycol unit in Moerdijk, the Netherlands will increase by 25000 tons to 155000 tons, and the annual capacity of ethylene oxide (EO) will also increase by 22% with the hardness of the hammer hole and the adjacent part of the hammer hole

the expansion ceremony for Mongolia to take the development of economic and trade relations as a priority area of its relations with China has been held recently. Rein Willems, President of shell Netherlands, and bill Rothwell, vice president of shell eo/eg business attended the ceremony

the project will build a third EO reactor, so that the annual EO capacity will be increased from 250000 tons to 322 tons, and the mix ratio of masonry mortar will be 5000 tons. New compressors will be installed and the control system and safety devices will be modified. Mr. Rothwell said that the construction of the project and the commissioning of the new project of CNOOC and shell next year will further strengthen shell's leading position in the EO and eg industries. It is said that the project will cost US $25million. Shell said that the new EO and eg production will mainly meet the needs of the European market

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