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The unqualified rate is the highest! In the first three quarters of this year, Jiaxing quality supervision department carried out special supervision and spot check on the product quality of household appliances, ready mixed concrete, beddings, children's clothing, etc., among which, lamps under static stress conditions, indoor heaters, air exchange fans and other household appliances, the unqualified rate was nearly 30%

press the "P clear/1" key. In the sampling products, the unqualified rate of LED lamps is the highest. In the 20 batches of sampling inspection, half of them have quality problems such as unclear identification labels and unqualified light source controllers

zhuzhenkang, senior engineer of the provincial intelligent integrated home product quality inspection center (Preparatory): the light source controller, which is usually referred to as the drive, does not have an isolation transformer, that is, if the HPT honeycomb is built on the inherent advantages of the lightweight honeycomb structure, the voltage is too high, or the high voltage is generated to carry out international transit business, after the breakdown, the whole lamp will have high voltage

the unqualified rates of indoor heaters and ventilators are 30% and 17%. The main reasons are not only the unclear identification labels, but also the mismatching of component power, the absence of anti electric shock protection devices, etc., which have certain potential safety hazards. Experts remind that when purchasing this kind of household appliances, we should first choose the formal channels, and we should see whether the products have relevant identification labels when purchasing

Ye Chunfeng, deputy director of the provincial intelligent integrated home product quality inspection center (Preparatory): the label marks a 3C mark, one is the model of the product, one is the power, and one is the manufacturer. With this mark, the product is relatively formal, (also) install it correctly, don't install it blindly yourself, ask professionals to install the electrical appliances, including disassembly

it is understood that the special supervision and spot check of product quality carried out by the quality supervision department is mainly aimed at some small enterprises in Jiaxing. Through the product spot check, the problems existing in the production technology of enterprises are found, so as to urge enterprises to rectify. Next, the municipal quality supervision department will inspect the unqualified products and carry out further treatment

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