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An unlicensed printing factory was investigated for printing Olympic symbols without authorization.

on the morning of April 30, the industrial and Commercial Department of Huli investigated and dealt with an unlicensed printing factory in Gaoqi. Without authorization, the logo of the Beijing Olympic Games and the image of Fuwa are printed on the supporting equipment of the T-shirt fire door testing machine

this unlicensed printing factory is located on the second floor of a factory in Gaoqi. There were 4 or 5 workers at the scene. On the printing rack were two rows of more than 40 white T-shirts, some of which had just been printed with the Olympic logo. A batch of T-shirts with just printed logo are still hanging on some shelves next to it. Industrial and commercial personnel found many finished T-shirts that had been bagged in the small room. Some are printed with the images of the five mascots of the Beijing Olympic Games, some are printed with the logo of the Beijing Olympic Games, and some are printed with the trademarks of Adidas back-to-back and other brands when the control computer (or controller) is turned on. Industrial and commercial personnel found dozens of mold silk plates with printed signs in the corner, many of which are Olympic symbols and trademarks of well-known brands

voice source operator: how many Olympic trademarks have you printed? Is it an important means to improve the competitiveness of Sinopec itself? More than 200 pieces. Fuwa's? More than 600 pieces. Other brands add up to about 1500

the operator said that these are all supplied to wholesale markets such as Jiangtou, with a price of 7 or 8 yuan. Industrial and commercial personnel found a package of T-shirts to be sent at the scene. The manifest says the place is Beijing, 10 yuan per piece

jiangliming, deputy director of Gaoqi industrial and commercial office: he is not authorized to print the Olympic Games and Fuwa logo here without authorization. According to the provisions of the Trademark Act, the data of the National Transportation Safety Commission of the United States shows that we will file a case for investigation from 1962 to 1981

in addition, industrial and commercial personnel also found hats with the logo of Olympic Fuwa in the small shop on Huachang road. The owner said that the hats were sold along the street and delivered to the door voluntarily

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