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Unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent rice transplanters and other new agricultural machinery and equipment have been mobilized, and high technology has helped set off a climax of spring farming production

at the spring farming production site meeting, all kinds of new agricultural machinery and equipment shuttle back and forth

people are diligent, spring comes early, and farming is busy. On the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control measures of the COVID-19, the masses in Kaiping are rushing to carry out spring ploughing production in the season, including land preparation, scaffolding, topdressing, seedling raising, film mulching, planting... There are busy scenes everywhere. On March 12, Kaiping held a 2020 spring ploughing production site meeting at the Pingyuan village committee of Changsha Street to fully promote spring ploughing production, stabilize the production and supply of important agricultural products such as grain and vegetables, lay a good foundation for the annual agricultural harvest and yield, and help prevent and control the epidemic

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the spring ploughing production site on that day will mainly focus on on-site observation and exchange. On one side of the farmland is the field of rice seedling raising and machine transplanting, and on the other side is the shuttle operation of new agricultural machinery and equipment such as UAV and intelligent transplanter, which is rich in content, practical and intuitive. Kaiping city passed the signal of the government, enterprises and farmers jointly promoting spring ploughing production to the society through the spring ploughing production on-site meeting, mobilized the whole city to seize the season and do not miss the farming time, and quickly set off a climax of spring ploughing production action

at the meeting, the staff set the driving route of the intelligent transplanter according to the fixed-point information, and put the seedlings on the seedling loading platforms on both sides of the intelligent transplanter. After starting, the intelligent transplanter will travel according to the set route and plant neat rows of seedlings under the condition of unmanned operation. It is reported that farmers enjoy certain subsidies for the purchase of intelligent rice transplanters

"during spring ploughing this year, Kaiping City is expected to invest 86700 kwh of total power of agricultural machinery and more than 5000 sets of machines and tools. It is expected to complete machine ploughing with 15875mm steel balls, covering an area of 360000 mu, with a machine ploughing rate of 99%; the area of machine transplanting, machine direct seeding and UAV direct seeding is about 200000 mu, and the mechanized rice planting rate is more than 50%." Xiejiahao, head of Kaiping Agricultural Mechanization Technology Extension Service Station, said that Kaiping will continue to implement the central agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, with an input subsidy of 1.95 million yuan, and the subsidy ratio is about 30% of the price of agricultural machinery, reducing the burden on farmers

since this year, Kaiping City has done a lot of work around the prevention and control of COVID-19, "vegetable basket" to stabilize production and supply, spring tillage preparation and other aspects, and the production situation of spring tillage is good. At present, the city has put in place more than 20000 tons of chemical fertilizers, 150 tons of pesticides, 200 tons of agricultural film, and 40 tons of hybrid seeds for rice and corn. The supply is sufficient to fully meet the needs of spring farming. As of March 10, the city's rice planting and seedling raising have been fully completed; The whole cultivation of rice fields is 180000 mu, 60% of which has been completed; The transplanting area is more than 5000 mu, and the large-scale transplanting period will enter in the middle and late March. It is expected that the transplanting task can be basically completed before the Tomb Sweeping Day; The planting of dry crops of vegetables, corn and peanuts has been basically completed. It is reported that the overall production progress of spring ploughing this year is days faster than that of last year. 2. Ball screw: at present, the electronic universal experimental machine uses ball screw and trapezoidal screw

the plan of a year lies in spring, and the initiative of spring ploughing is the key to strive for the initiative of all agricultural and rural work throughout the year. Kaiping is a major agricultural city, grain producing county and national modern agricultural demonstration area. The area of spring crops is 480000 mu, accounting for nearly 50% of the total sown area of crops in the year, including 300000 mu of rice, 80000 mu of vegetables, and 100000 mu of other dry crops such as corn, sweet potato, soybean, peanut, flowers, etc. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Kaiping City will make an overall plan to replace suitable pendulums for farmers (the strike energy of the large pendulum is 300j, and the small pendulum is for the production of two industries, so as to ensure that the spring ploughing production task is completed without delaying the farming time; implement the farmland fertility protection subsidies, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, policy agricultural insurance and other preferential policies to mobilize farmers' enthusiasm for production.

the spring ploughing production site meeting will also deploy the spring ploughing production work in Kaiping City this year, requiring all towns (streets) Rural agriculture and other relevant departments should improve their positions, correctly understand the situation of agricultural production in spring under the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, and effectively strengthen the organization and leadership of agricultural production in spring; Seize the season and quickly set off a climax of spring ploughing production action; Be cautious and continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control

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