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An unusual power battle -- the whole line of the voltage consolidation line project of the lower level of the 220 kV Baishi substation was successful. At about 1:30 a.m. on October 27, when the last construction worker carefully stepped down from the tower more than 30 meters high, ground operators came forward to meet him: brother, it's hard

the safety of this construction worker under the tower means that the tower group work of No. 5 tower in Chengzihe village, Chengzihe district is officially completed, and in the next few days, the workers have fully completed the 9 empty line setting out work, which marks the success of the 220 kV lower voltage line consolidation project

at this moment, the stones in the hearts of all the people who participated in the tower construction work finally fell. At the thought that this twists and turns work has provided strong support and guarantee for the smooth operation and optimization of the regional electrical structure, everyone's faces showed a long lost smile

face the difficulties and rise to the difficulties

that was 2012. In order to improve the 66 kV power supply capacity and safety reliability in Chengzihe area, guojixi power supply company finally successfully applied to the provincial development and Reform Commission for a supporting project fund of 30.99 million yuan to optimize the 66 kV power structure in Chengzihe area, make the power supply mode more reasonable, safe and stable, and meet the medium and long-term power demand in Chengzihe area. The construction of the project started in 2013 and is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in October 2014. The main body of the project has been basically completed. However, when it was constructed to rely on the backbone enterprise of the 5 # same tower four circuit iron tower of team 12, Chengzihe village, Chengzihe District, it encountered the obstruction of some local villagers. After many negotiations, the problem could not be solved, which led to the normal construction of tower 5 and line 9, so that the key project has not been put into production as planned. The project cannot be put into operation, which not only causes the power supply pressure of 220 kV Xinghua substation to increase sharply, but also increases the power supply risk. In addition, the load of 220 kV Baishi substation cannot be sent out normally through 66 kV Chengzihe line a and B and 66 kV northern suburb line a and B

considering the urgent demand for power supply, we must complete the project according to the requirements and time limit put forward by the company. I and the leader in charge personally take charge of it, and we must complete the task with quality and quantity. In 2017, Xing Bing, the general manager of the company, held special meetings on infrastructure construction for many times, and said hoarsely when deploying construction tasks and plans. So far, the main leaders in charge of the company personally took command and led the staff to start a new round of tough battle

multi party linkage to ensure construction

due to the interruption of the project, we have developed a process that is not currently available in the market for up to 5 years. There are many problems in the middle, the relationship is complex, the negotiation work advances slowly, and the effect is not ideal. Xing Bing was extremely anxious, so he discussed with the deputy general manager in charge and relevant departments again, and finally formulated a plan to support the government at all levels and cooperate with the public security departments. During this period, Li Hongyan, the deputy general manager in charge, led professionals to communicate and coordinate with Chengzihe district government, Yongfeng township government, Chengzihe village committee and residents' Committee for many times, so as to win the support and help of local governments at all levels

through the rush lobbying of the staff of the Ministry of construction, the company has received the understanding and support of relevant departments, as well as legal support. In order to avoid escalating contradictions and maintain good relations with the masses, from the chief and deputy director of the Legal Affairs Section of Chengzihe district public security branch to the director, they personally went to the construction site many times to talk with obstructionists and preach legal knowledge. The power workers thought that normal construction was finally possible

however, things did not go as smoothly as expected. On October 25, the company organized normal construction again, and was obstructed by many people. Until the police came out, they went to the scene to persuade and warn. In order to avoid mass incidents, the company made another concession and entrusted local personnel to negotiate with the obstructers

at about 8:00 on October 26, the construction unit began the last construction. Some obstructed the construction personnel to completely block the entrance of the construction site again, preventing the construction personnel from entering, and the site was once chaotic. After two serious conflicts, the public security personnel forcibly took away those who maliciously obstructed the site, and sent police forces to maintain order throughout the construction site. At this point, the construction personnel of the company were able to start construction smoothly. At that time, it was 12:10 p.m., four hours later than the expected start time

work hard and unite as one.

on October 26, due to the late commencement time and the large amount of tower construction work on that day, the sky had been completely dark by 5 p.m. during the construction. Is it to stop or continue the construction? The construction management personnel were embarrassed. At this time, some malicious obstructionists also gathered together to discuss the strategy of how to prevent the construction

in order to avoid changes the next day, the construction was blocked by another conflict. After comprehensive consideration, Jixi power supply company urgently organized the construction team to formulate the overnight construction plan. Huarui company, at no cost, transferred 20 people to work in two groups in turn to avoid bumps and other injuries, including the power transmission maintenance room, power distribution maintenance room Jiguan Park power supply company rushed to the rescue and sent three high-power night emergency repair lights. Everything was ready, and the night emergency construction officially began

in order to ensure the safety of night construction operations, relevant leaders of Jixi power supply company, the Ministry of construction, Huarui company and the management personnel of the project center will conduct continuous supervision on the site throughout the whole process. Safety is always the first! On the other hand, general manager Xing Bing and party secretary Fu Yanliang repeatedly asked about the progress of the project, and repeatedly asked the relevant personnel fixed on the pull rod to ensure safety

due to the low temperature at night and the rain in the middle of the night, everyone had to slow down the construction speed for safety reasons. Finally, at 1:30 a.m. on October 27, after the two groups of construction personnel rotated for many times, the tower construction work was officially completed on October 5

facts have proved that in the face of this unusual power battle, the party and government leaders of Jixi power supply company dare to take on the responsibilities, the management personnel are dutiful, the construction personnel are willing to bear hardships, God rewards hard work, and unity of purpose. The company shows the spirit of the electric Railway army everywhere, and every key link in the work is the most authentic embodiment of the electric man

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