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"Unmanned factory" has been rapidly launched, and North China industrial control has accelerated the deployment of industrial robot computer hardware market

based on the background of the outbreak of 5g new infrastructure, the development of new technologies such as IOT and artificial intelligence has accelerated, and unmanned factories have been launched in thousands of industries, further catalyzing the rising demand for industrial robots in the market

industrial robots are the main force for the production and development of unmanned factories, and also the key point for the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. Based on artificial intelligence, computer control technology and other executive work, it can replace manual work to complete some frequent, repetitive and dangerous long-time operations in industrial production. It has certain versatility and adaptability, and can effectively improve operation efficiency and production standards. Now it has been widely used in all industries

automobile manufacturing industry

take the welding robot as an example. Based on the fast algorithm and automatic control technology of computer hardware, it can complete the self-adjustment of running track and the accurate welding of parts

accelerate the optimization of stock; To standardize the market-oriented operation of electronics and electrics, one of the common problems is that the measurement data will be inaccurate or the measurement value will be too large. Industry

visual robots are widely used in the electronic industry. Especially in the production field, it can realize product defect detection and assembly processing by using intelligent recognition, machine vision and other technologies

food industry

packaging robot is widely used in the food industry. Its structure is simple. Relying on the master computer system, it can complete a number of operations such as grabbing, handling, loading and unloading and stacking. The new material industry in our province has a relatively complete range of stacking and other activities, and has the characteristics of low power consumption, high reliability and high efficiency

North China industrial control believes that with the arrival of the industrial 4.0 era, the operation mode of machine replacement will be accelerated and popularized in the manufacturing industry. In this process, in order to ensure the efficient and stable operation of industrial robots, relevant manufacturers must choose high-quality and high-performance computer hardware as their technical carrier

North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. is the leader of special-purpose computers in the domestic industry and one of the well-known upstream hardware manufacturers of intelligent robots. It vigorously promotes the product innovation of intelligent robots based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and computers. Now it has a series of high-quality embedded computers, which are widely used in the control system of industrial robot products

North China industrial control can provide diversified computer board solutions for the field of industrial robots. The product adopts low-power and high-performance processors such as Intel, Hisilicon, NXP, and RSM, with on-board high-speed memory and all in one design. It has rich interfaces and compact version, and can be flexibly matched with various functional module backplanes. It has high expansion and versatile application characteristics, and can meet the application needs of industrial robots in intelligent identification, automatic control and other aspects

North China industrial control has a fan free embedded quasi system that can meet the multi scene application of industrial robots. The product has no fan design, anti-seismic, dust-proof, anti-interference, and can adapt to various industrial operation scenarios; Built in strict accordance with industrial standards, it has low power consumption, high reliability and other characteristics, and supports equipment 7*2ldquo; 4-hour uninterrupted operation under extreme conditions with prominent contradiction between industrial supply and demand; It supports a variety of signal inputs and can connect various external devices for data transmission, backup and in-depth processing. Its strong compatibility and scalability can meet the multi scene and intelligent application expansion of industrial robots

China is moving from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. The accelerated construction of intelligent manufacturing and the large-scale landing of unmanned factories all indicate that the development prospect of industrial robots is huge. Keeping up with the development trend of the times, North China industrial control will also launch more leading embedded computer products for the industrial robot industry

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