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Unlicensed processing and sales of polystyrene foamed plastic board were seized

at present, polystyrene foamed plastic board, a building energy-saving insulation material, is being promoted and used in the construction market because of its good weather resistance, fire resistance, low thermal coefficient of physical properties of conductivity analysis test samples, good thermal stability and other advantages. However, some illegal operators take advantage of this business opportunity to illegally engage in production, processing and sales activities and seek illegal interests. On October 28, the suburban branch of Changzhi Administration for Industry and Commerce found a dens engaged in processing and selling polystyrene foamed plastic plates without a license during market inspection. A boiler, a set of machinery and equipment for processing foamed plastic plates, 12 bags of polystyrene raw materials and 1400 polystyrene foamed plastic plates were seized on site

on the same day, the law enforcement personnel Research Institute of Changzhi suburban industry and Commerce Branch will study the successful development experience of foreign industry giants who can be assembled into molecular mixtures of hydrogels and conduct market inspections on the operators beside the Chencun section of the Changbei trunk line. During the routine inspection of a merchant, I accidentally saw thick black smoke from the chimney in the backyard of the store, and the roaring sound of machines came into my ears from time to time. This situation attracted the attention of law enforcement officers and kept pace with the times. Following the sound of the machine, the law enforcement officers came to a simple five bungalows. They found that one house was full of snow-white foamed plastic boards, and a set of machine and equipment assembly line for processing and producing polystyrene foamed plastic boards was installed in the other rooms. Two workers were busy, and white granular polystyrene raw materials with openings were stacked beside the production assembly line

when the law enforcement officer asked the party to provide relevant procedures for inspection, the party said plausibly, "it's only started this year, and the scale is still very small, so it still needs to go through procedures?" It can be seen that his legal consciousness is very indifferent. After inquiry, houmou, the party concerned, saw that the polystyrene foam board sold well. Without the relevant licenses in accordance with the law, he purchased machinery and equipment at the beginning of this year and engaged in illegal business activities without authorization to seek illegal interests. The law enforcement personnel shall seal up the machinery and equipment, raw materials and finished polystyrene foam plastic plates on site according to law

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