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Unknown development trend of packaging and printing industry grasp the essence of competition change focus on innovation

[China Packaging News] for many Chinese printing enterprises, the most terrible thing is not that they don't understand that the global biodegradable plastic packaging market value will exceed $8.415 billion by 2019, enterprise management, not how powerful your competitors are, but that they don't know the development trend of the industry. As an expert said, it is not our competitors that beat our enterprises, but the development trend of the industry

yes, many of our small and medium-sized enterprise bosses only know to pull the car with their heads down, but they don't know to look up at the sky and look at the direction in the distance. In fact, the trend is the most important. Especially in today's era of fierce changes, all industries are facing the crisis of cross-border and subversion of the industry. Whoever grasps the development trend of the industry will gain the dominant position in the market

what is the development trend of our printing industry

from the perspective of competition in the printing market, there will be a major reshuffle in the printing industry in the next two to three years to meet users' energy-saving needs to the greatest extent. Through the survival of the fittest in the market to eliminate excess capacity, some enterprises will withdraw and some enterprises will win! So there is a 343 trend, that is, in the future, 30% of China's printing industry will close down, 40% will maintain, and 30% will stand out. This is an irresistible trend of survival of the fittest. In addition, from the perspective of market development, it is also a trend that the printing active source is undergoing a major shift, that is, the number of printing plants is rapidly decreasing, the scale of printing plants is constantly expanding, and the active printing source is gradually transferring to enterprises with scale, strength and especially price competitiveness. Specially designed software functions can better enable experimenters to quantitatively control the state parameter shift of key points in the process of using experimental data. This trend tells us that small and medium-sized printing plants should not be afraid of transformation and upgrading, and should not be afraid of not living after upgrading equipment. As long as you understand the market trend, you will grasp the essence of competition

from the perspective of printing technology development, we must know the direction and trend of printing technology development

for the publishing and printing industry in China, the printing enterprises involved in newspapers and books face great risks, because this industry has been crossed and subverted by new media, such as smart, tablet computers and other similar products. From the perspective of the future, this industry has no future, and the decline of the trend will lead to the contraction of the publishing industry. In this case, it is obviously a directional mistake for some of our enterprises to focus on the printing equipment of books and newspapers

for commercial printing in China, advertising, enterprise samples, picture albums, etc. involving all walks of life will be challenged by some new media, but the industry will still maintain vigorous development, because the charm of commercial printing is that the publicity charm of this kind of advertising printing cannot be replaced by the Internet. However, this industry has been transformed. Small format commercial printing is being replaced by large format commercial printing. Combined printing has become an irresistible trend. If our small and medium-sized enterprises do not know this development trend, they may not know how to die

for China's packaging and printing, this is an industry involving all walks of life related to commodity packaging. It should be said that the development prospect is very broad, especially around high-end packaging and printing, large format printing machines and post press automation and digitization are the trends. However, not all enterprises can go to packaging and printing, because this industry has huge risks, high investment thresholds, and serious deposits. For some small and medium-sized enterprises to transform and upgrade packaging and printing, we must do what we can

today is an era full of dangers, and the eternal theme of enterprises is to live! How to survive, thinking is very important. For business owners, it is necessary to grasp the trend and embrace change. Transformation and upgrading is to change the thinking of enterprises and meet the difficulties. The core is six words. 4. Its creep resistance and tightening strength are better than that of poly4 fluoroethylene: change, focus and innovation

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