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Editor's note: in order to ensure the security of Olympic communications, the Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a "sealed" notice to operators. In July, 2008, based on Jixi's comprehensive advantages in resource industry and green development, the Olympic communication security war officially started. It can be predicted that with the launch of an unprecedented Olympic information security war, the Beijing Olympic Games will be able to enjoy the safest and most perfect network communication services and become a truly distinctive Olympic Games

in late July 2008, the Olympic communications security war officially began

in order to ensure the communication security of the Olympic Games, the Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a "sealed" notice to operators. The closing time is determined to be from July 20, 2008 to September 20, 2008 in the Olympic cities (Beijing, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao); Other non Olympic cities are from August 1st, 2008 to August 25th, 2008

it is the first time that such a large-scale and long-term sealing is carried out in China. The purpose is to avoid possible failures of the communication network during construction to the greatest extent, so as to ensure the communication safety during the Olympic Games. Before the closure, an Olympic information security war had already started in various fields


"seal" is for the safety of the Olympic network. On July 30, this newspaper contacted the Ministry of industry and information technology, which told this newspaper that the Ministry of industry and information technology only sent a notice of seal. Specific details and implementation can be found in the following operators. Subsequently, this newspaper contacted relevant people of Beijing Tong to interpret the Olympic communication cover exclusively

Tang Liuming, spokesman of Beijing Communications: the purpose of the letter is to ensure the safety of Olympic communications and customer communications services. The specific arrangements are: no cutover, system upgrade and other businesses will be allowed from July 25; No new business will be opened from August 1; Networks and data adjustment shall not be carried out from August 5; The above sealing work will not return to normal until the end of the Olympic Games

what is seal? Instead of closing the network, but "closing" the computer room of the interconnected data center, station staff and hardware equipment cannot enter and leave the computer room. The seal is not for ordinary stations and friends, but for telecommunications, network operators and Internet data center companies. During the period of closure, it is forbidden to carry out telecommunication network engineering construction, system cutover and upgrading, circuit scheduling, service opening and adjustment, office data production, management data production (excluding user data production and access end equipment adjustment), etc. In addition, all major interconnected data centers will stop all business. If there is a problem with any station, it will be directly disconnected. The station that has not been disconnected must submit a recovery application after the closure is completed, and it will not be recovered during the closure period

due to the suspension of the engineering construction, system cutover and upgrading of the telecommunications network within the specified time and scope, the risk of failure of the communications network caused by external forces is almost zero, which also ensures the safety of Olympic communications. At the same time, the communication network will work normally. For individual users, during the Olympic Games, the sealing will not affect the users' packaging of mobile communication, fixed line, broadband and other communication services, nor will it affect the normal communication services of customers

the longest "seal"

"this means that no server and other hardware equipment can enter or leave the machine room during the seal." Yan Hua (a pseudonym), the relevant person in charge of the Technology Department of a portal station, told, "as a major customer of Chinatelecom Hetong, we have received the notice of Feng in late June."

"the servers of some stations are hosted by the network service provider. If the webmaster moves the server out of the operator's computer room, or performs CPU replacement, system cutover and other operations on the server, it may cause service interruption and threaten the security of information content." Yan Hua introduced to this newspaper

an engineer of Beijing Unicom further explained that the instability of the general communication network is mostly caused by adding equipment, line cutover and software upgrading. "Sealing" can minimize the risk of failure caused by external forces, so as to ensure the smooth communication network during the Olympic Games

according to the interview, operators and relevant agents such as China Mobile, Chinacom and Chinatelecom have begun to implement the closure plan

"this is the longest and most rigorous one." According to IDC company jisiluo related personage, the envelope is the industry practice. Previously, the envelope was also passed during the national two sessions and other important activities, but the time is not as long as this time, and the scope is not as wide as this time

messages quickly caused great repercussions among users. Interviewed major operators in Beijing, Guangdong, Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao and other cities, and got the same reply: sealing is a practice in the industry, but it has never affected customers from all walks of life, installation, broadband and other communication services, let alone individual users. In addition, most stations will not be affected

according to relevant operators, affected by the closure, all units will no longer start new telecom business experiments during the Olympic Games. This also means that TD network construction has also been suspended, and can not be fully carried out until the end of the Olympic Games. It is reported that before the closure, some cities have added some base stations, among which Beijing has added hundreds of base stations to make TD signal network coverage better, which is enough to complete the communication task of TD network during the Olympic Games

however, according to relevant sources of Beijing Mobile, although large-scale construction of the network is not allowed during the closure period, TD base station location planning and negotiation will not be affected. Like TD, CDMA can only discuss the construction plan and carry out equipment bidding during the Olympic Games. The work after the reorganization of telecommunications should also be carried out after the Olympic Games. Relevant technicians should also carefully inspect whether the working state of relevant parts of the equipment meets normal standards before it can be fully carried out

the industry calls for creating a good network environment

in late July, this newspaper noted that IDC (Internet Data Center) company solemnly stated on its website that it would severely crack down on harmful information during the Olympic closure period. During the closure period, if the content of user stations was hacked, tampered with into reactionary, relayed the Olympic Games and related activities without authorization and permission of CCTV, or there were other information security problems, The computer room will disconnect this station at the first time and inform the user of the specific situation. Please cooperate with the relevant investigation

in addition, IDC also said in the notice that all stations closed due to information security problems during the closure period must submit a recovery application after the closure so that the temperature is controlled within the range required by the standard, and no recovery will be made during the closure period

the relevant person in charge of jisilou said to. "We have created a good network environment for the Olympic Games to prevent the tragedy of shutting down the entire computer room and harming thousands of stations because of problems in one station."

in terms of the possible losses caused by the closure, the relevant person of jisilou said that during the Olympic Games, the business income may be lost by 500000 a month. As for the same thing, the right hand should hold the joint of the swing rod, but after the focus of work is shifted to the virtual server during the closure, such losses are not too great

in this closure, operators have also made stricter requirements for mobile value-added services (SP). It is understood that the Ministry of industry and information technology has requested that the third-party gift function of short message business in Beijing be closed during the Olympic Games guarantee time (July 1 to October 7). From August 1 to October 1, the self written information business and forum business in Beijing will be closed. And suspend SP addition, deletion, change and business addition, deletion, change from July 1 to September 30. This means that the application for suspension of new business makes many SPS unable to make profits by virtue of the Olympic hot spots. Various related businesses tailored by many SPS for the Olympic Games can only be shelved for the time being

in addition, this newspaper also learned that large online game manufacturers will not be able to set up and open servers during the closure period, but can only use the original servers

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an Olympic information security battle

on July 26, Japan's Sankei cover reported such a striking Title: "the virus is eyeing the Olympic Games!" The report said that since late June, the Trojan virus has been dubbed the file name of the Olympic opening ceremony and sent everywhere on the Internet. Some hacker groups will be active during the Olympic Games. Their purpose is very clear - that is to undermine the information security of the Beijing Olympic Games

in fact, every competition will become a period of rampant activity for hackers. Public information shows that during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the official station suffered 11.3 billion attacks, with an average of 25000 attacks per day during the Olympic Games. During the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy in February 2006, the network security system generated more than 3 million security incident reports every day on average. A network security expert estimated that 200million network security alerts may be generated during the Beijing Olympic Games

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