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When placing orders with domestic manufacturers, many customers, especially those in North America, especially those in untreated pet silk screen printing ace inks, specially designated manufacturers must use American Richtar 9600 series inks, which shows that customers have an extraordinary degree of trust in this ink

9600 series inks are high-quality products of Richter company in the United States. They are mainly designed for untreated polyester (PET) and have excellent adhesion to untreated pet, pet coating, PC and other materials. In addition, the ink has excellent softness, which is very suitable for film switches, vacuum molding and other industries where the quality of the ink can be inspected through a microscope (10 times magnification) - colorless coded small particles. The market survey report shows that in some developed countries and regions such as North America, 9600 series inks have a high market share in the high-end screen printing industry (such as film switch industry), and show a growing trend. In recent years, domestic film switches, vacuum molding, signs and other industries have developed rapidly, providing a good macro environment opportunity for 9600 series

for membrane switches, vacuum forming, etc., the softness and negativity of ink is very critical, because ink with good flexibility can withstand bumping and bending, and ink with poor flexibility will crack. 9600 series inks have excellent flexibility, and even the extremely harsh embossing treatment will not cause ink cracking, which is an important factor for it to continue to achieve good performance in the film switch industry

9600 series inks have high gloss after drying, except that 9652 high hiding power white is flat. If you want to reduce the gloss of the ink, you can add a certain proportion of 9648 dumb agent

9600 series has a complete range of colors, which can well meet the diverse needs of different customers for colors. In addition to the standard printing color, dot color and 8 transparent colors, it also has 80 series of single pigment adjustments

9600 series inks also have excellent high temperature resistance, which can withstand several seconds even under the high temperature condition of 180 ℃

9600 series inks are light resistant, but they are not recommended for outdoor use. In order to meet outdoor use, 6~ 223790 urethane light oil B with 10% of R & D innovation ideas can be added after too long preliminary research and demonstration

application process:

silk: 200~330 mesh/inch single Xinlun Technology (002341, Guba) announced that silk

version: solvent resistant version

drying: drying by solvent evaporation. Dry for 20-40 minutes at room temperature, and for a few seconds at 32-66 ℃

hiding power: all colors except PB's and halftone are opaque

printing area: 1200~1800 square feet/gallon

diluent: 9630 diluent or 9631 slow drying agent, the addition amount is about 10%

gloss and additives:

9627 gloss: reduce the color density or adjust the powder

9648 matte: used to reduce gloss, add less than 20% weight ratio

catalyst nd70, and add NCM (nickel cobalt manganese ternary material) 111, 523 and 622 as the main proportion (weight ratio) nb70: ink =1:9, The validity period after mixing is 8 hours

washing: 9637 washing water

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