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Unveiling the shocking journey of "FANUC and made in China 2025"

in November 2015, FANUC robots will appear at the 17th China International Industrial Expo with the latest products and technologies in hall 4.1 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). We sincerely invite you to experience the shocking journey of FANUC and made in China 2025

Introduction to FANUC and made in China 2025 shock trip:

time: November, 2015

location: booth b088, hall 4.1, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

5A scenic spot: collaborative robot cr-35ia, beyond 4.0 assembly line Robot honor guard

first stop: starting "At present, some small enterprises in the market produce polyurethane exterior wall insulation products. Cr-35ia is the world's most loaded collaborative robot cr-35ia

he is a different kind of FANUC robot, and his green clothes also reveal his different missions. At this Industrial Expo, FANUC will release the collaborative robot cr-35ia for the first time in China. The maximum load on the wrist of this robot reaches 35kg, and the movement radius can reach 1813mm. It is currently the world's largest loaded collaborative robot 。 As a cooperative robot, cr-35ia's good safety and large load make cr-35ia work side by side with people in automobile manufacturing, machine tool loading and unloading and other fields without safety fence, greatly improving production efficiency

tour tips:

the wonderful demonstration of on-site man-machine cooperation in assembling doors and tires should not be missed. In addition, since there is no safety fence, zero distance interaction with cr-35ia and group photos are good choices

second stop: surpass 4.0 FANUC customized flexible assembly line

a surpass 4.0 FANUC customized flexible assembly line composed of more than 20 FANUC robots, machining centers and injection molding machines with the theme of FANUC and made in China 2025. The line will take the UC robot model received by Fan1 as the end product, integrating injection molding generation, machining, logistics storage, assembly and inspection, to realize unmanned, networked and customized intelligent production

tour tips:

Zeng, the head of manufacturing department 1, has just completed the inspection of the workshop.

the area of the second stop exceeds 200 square meters, so you can experience the complete robot model assembly process while walking and watching! In addition, pay close attention to the recent special activities of FANUC robot in the Industrial Expo, and you will have the opportunity to get a fresh robot model on site

third stop: parade robot honor guard of the three services

are you still thinking about the big parade a month ago? In the third stop, you will experience the pleasure of reviewing the armed forces! Which three services on earth? The scene includes the traditional yellow robots with the largest lineup serving welding, cutting, casting, handling, stacking, assembly, sorting, testing, polishing and polishing; Silver spraying robot focusing on spraying; There are also fist robots used for sorting and assembly. 15 FANUC robots are lined up for your review

tour tips:

group photo, group photo, group photo, say important things three times

but other highlights:

in addition to the above three must go stops, there are wonderful processing demonstrations of FANUC intelligent machine products robodrill small processing center and robocut slow wire cutting; The dual safety monitoring function of DCS robot and the on-site experience of roboguide offline programming software are also not to be missed

we look forward to your visit to FANUC booth and experience the shocking journey of FANUC and made in China 2025 together

on November, booth b088, hall 4.1, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

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