Ever3 makes it easier to develop laboratory robots

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Eve R3 makes the research and development of laboratory robots easier

eve R3 makes the research and development of laboratory robots easier

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original title: Eve R3 makes the research and development of laboratory machines more easy

according to foreign media reports, you may think that most new robots are designed to enter factories or other workplaces, but in fact, Many of them are used in the laboratory by robot developers. Eve R3 is such a robot, but its successor may be applied in scenarios such as home care

last week, the pre production model of this robot manufactured by halodi robotics, Norway, was exhibited at the International Conference on Robotics and automation held in Montreal

the self balancing wheeled humanoid robot Eve R3 has two articulated arms, each of which can lift something weighing 8 kg. With a height of 175 cm and a weight of 76 kg, these standards fully consider social, product performance and environmental protection factors before relying on two main wheels at a maximum speed of 22 km/h. When it needs additional stability to complete fine tasks, it will apply to this series of models, which are mainly suitable for non-metallic and metallic materials with experimental load less than 10kN. The third wheel behind the experiment is Professor Huang Junqin of Kaohsiung University of Applied Science and technology

eve R3 is semi autonomous, but sensors such as two realsense cameras connected to dual Intel CPUs can help Eve R3 perceive and navigate the surrounding environment. The robot adopts the "man in the loop" remote presentation model, that is, a person remotely operates multiple connected robots in the central control center. It is reported that this setting will provide customers with a better human-computer interaction experience and save costs

halodi CEO Bernt ø ivind B ø rnich pointed out that Eve R3 was originally developed for universities, but now it will be a researcher investigating the method of using robots to perform mobile operation tasks. These scientists will not have to spend a lot of time and money to develop their own robots from scratch. They just need to buy prefabricated Eve R3

on the road in the future, this robot may usher in a simpler and cheaper successor, and then find application prospects in caring for the elderly

it is reported that halodi has pre sold many sets of Eve R3, which is expected to be launched early next year. The robot costs $150000

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