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Original title: 299 Magnolia lanterns of the Yangtze River Bridge "cosmetic surgery"

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The Magnolia lanterns repair site of the bridge, with lamp racks arranged row upon row

"pairs of Magnolia lamp posts, like a team waiting for review, stand neatly..." the description in the text "Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge" makes Magnolia Street lamps become a classic "business card" of the bridge, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the advance of the closed maintenance project, the return of the bridge is getting closer, and 299 or lamp posts will also be on guard again to illuminate the whole line of the bridge. On September 16, Yangzi Evening News visited the scene and saw that the Magnolia lamp post was being repaired according to the standards of cultural relics protection. They not only maintain the original appearance, but also save energy and facilitate the people

intern Zhang Liugang Yangzi Evening News/Yang Yan Zhang Kewen/photo

intern Yun Erru/video

What lamp does it imitate

the bridge has 299 street lights, which are rumored to imitate the lanterns on Chang'an Street.

the truth is coming. It imitates the Magnolia lamp in front of the Great Hall of the people in Beijing.

the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is a landmark building in the history of new China's development and construction. In 2014, Nanjing announced the results of the third national cultural relics census, and the bridge was identified as an immovable cultural relic jointly managed by Gulou and Pukou districts. The repair of cultural relics is also an important part of this closed maintenance

Chunqing, the design director of cultural relics protection of Daqiao, associate professor and doctoral supervisor of the school of architecture of Southeast University, introduced that there were 150 pairs of 300 Magnolia shaped street lamps on the bridge deck when the bridge was initially built. Later, when the ramp bridge of Mufu West Road was built, about 75% of the plant cellulose nanocrystals extracted from wood pulp accounted for 1, so there were 299 before closed maintenance. They are like "guards of honor", each pair is about 40 meters apart, and are neatly distributed in the North-South approach bridge, main bridge, Huilong bridge and other sections of the bridge

"our research found that the Magnolia lamp of the bridge was customized by Beijing civilian lamp factory at that time, and its shape was similar to the Magnolia lanterns in front of the gate of the Great Hall of the people in Beijing built in the late 1950s, rather than the lanterns on Chang'an Street as commonly rumored." Chunqing introduced that a magnolia lamp is about 8 meters high and weighs more than 700 kg. From bottom to top, it is composed of a base, a concrete lamp post, a lamp rack and magnolia flower lamps. Five Magnolia lamps "bloom" on each lamp post

what is it like

restore the old appearance with new materials

after restoration, the street lamp base and lamp frame will appear silver gray

"this time, the cultural relics repair of Magnolia lamppost is mainly to deal with various architectural diseases." Chunqing introduced that among the 299 lamp columns, 11 lamp columns were seriously damaged. Assuming that the test force was relatively small compared with the calibrated force, how to operate and turn off the power supply? The concrete peeled off and exposed reinforcement at many places, and the crack length was long, so it needed to be replaced; There were 61 lamp posts with spacing cracks within 40 cm in length, so the cracks were reinforced by pouring structural glue; 50 lamp columns with small holes were repaired with high-strength polymer mortar. After the repair is completed, all road lamp poles are cured and repaired with colorless and transparent nano silicate concrete, and the reinforcing agent is sprayed for 3 times. Finally, the surface of all road lamp poles is treated with colorless and transparent inorganic silicon hydrophobic treatment for 1 time to maintain the original appearance and improve the strength and durability of surface structure. It is reported that the street lamp base and lamp frame will appear silver gray after repair

Yangzi Evening News saw in the maintenance warehouse that workers were grinding and derusting and repairing lamp poles. The repair of street lamps began in June this year and is expected to end in mid November. At present, about 80% of the workload has been completed. Previously, each street lamp has been numbered and disassembled, and the installation position of the original street lamp has been recorded. It is transported to the warehouse and installed at the original site after repair

what is the effect

adopt new technology and use new LED energy-saving light sources

and the detailed design makes the sidewalk brighter and safer

Chun Qing told that the repair of Magnolia Street Lamps this time is also more environmentally friendly and convenient in function. The first is to change the light source, which is more energy-saving and environmental friendly. "The design, prototype and test research progress of the new carbon fiber material for the repair of Magnolia lamp this time is 10 minutes. All the bulbs with slow progress will be replaced with new LED cold light sources. After the completion of the bridge, the second-generation light source high-pressure mercury lamp and the third-generation light source high-pressure sodium lamp will be used successively. Both of them will produce high temperature after being powered on, so they consume a lot of energy. And the LED light source has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, long service life, resistance to all kinds of harsh environments, and so on , service life and environmental protection have incomparable advantages over traditional light sources. "

previously, the brightness of the bridge sidewalk was insufficient at night, and there were potential safety hazards for citizens to walk and ride. In this repair, the technicians added 8 LED projection light sources each under the support of the four lamps on the lower layer of the lamp frame. The total number of 32 LED projection light sources in these four groups is hidden, which is difficult to find when the lamp is not on, so it does not affect the original appearance of the street lamp. After being put into use in the future, they will be able to easily illuminate the sidewalks below, ensuring the brightness of the sidewalks on the bridge deck and facilitating night viewing

in addition, each street lamp base will continue to adopt the previous steel structure method, and the appearance style is the same as the original style, but the base width will be reduced from the original 52 cm to the current 47 cm, saving an appropriate space for the sidewalk

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