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The Third Yangtze River bridge adopts a new type of paint that can ensure 50 years of non rusting

the Third Yangtze River bridge adopts a new type of paint that can ensure 50 years of non rusting

May 20, 2005

the maintenance workers of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge start to repair the paint at the beginning of each year and revise the Rockwell hardness tester results. By the end of the year, they just finish brushing it once. At this time, the paint at the bridge head starts to rust again, so they start a new round of maintenance. It was learned from the headquarters of the Third Yangtze River Bridge yesterday that the paint imported from Japan can ensure that the Third Yangtze River Bridge will not rust for 50 years

Cuibing, designer of China Communications and highway planning and Design Institute and chief designer of the Third Yangtze River Bridge, said that the overall landscape design scheme of the third bridge believes that the color of the bridge should be coordinated with the surrounding environment. After screening four schemes of colorless color system, approximate color system, twist contrast color system and combined color design, experts finally determined that the third bridge body is a gray white system without color system. The color system is mainly grayish white with high brightness, which is consistent with the gray of the concrete of the bridge itself. It is relatively stable in the anti-corrosion treatment of color, elegant and solemn in temperament, and has a strong sense of modernity. Standing at the headquarters of the third bridge overlooking the bridge, the overall gray three bridges are particularly elegant and eye-catching against the background of blue sky and white clouds

"it is difficult to build bridges, and the maintenance of bridges is also a huge project for domestic laboratory machine manufacturers." Guozhiming, deputy director of the Engineering Department of the third bridge headquarters, told that the current Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge has spent a lot of manpower and material resources on the maintenance of the bridge body. The paint originally used is very easy to oxidize. Workers can finish painting the bridge from the beginning to the end of the year, and the bridge head has to be painted again the next year, so it goes back and forth. Guozhiming said that the Third Yangtze River Bridge has reduced a lot of labor in the maintenance of the bridge body, because they use a high-tech Japanese fluorocarbon coating, which can ensure that it will not fade for 50 years, but also protect the structure. There is an urgent need for industrial structure adjustment and oxidation resistance. According to the design life of Sanqiao for 100 years, if the quality guarantee promise of this paint is fulfilled, Sanqiao only needs to brush twice

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