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According to the development and market demand of the domestic plastic industry and the overall arrangement of the company's development, since last year, Yangzi Petrochemical Company has put forward the goal of building a plastic production base of 1million tons/year in three years. This year is the key year to achieve this goal

it is understood that Yangzi Petrochemical Company has a production capacity of 400000 tons/year of HDPE and 400000 tons/year of PP, with a total plastic production capacity of 800000 tons/year. 2003 is the first year of three years of struggle, and the company has exceeded the goal of 827000 tons of total plastic output in advance. 2004 is the second key year to achieve this goal. In 2004, the total output of plastics will exceed 900000 tons; In 2005, a plastic production base of 1million tons/year will be built

2 statement on the total emission of sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide:

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