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Yangtze River Hydraulic informatization construction achievements have won provincial commendation

Yangtze River Hydraulic informatization construction achievements have won provincial commendation

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Guide: Recently, Sichuan Provincial Department of science and Technology awarded 20 enterprises, including Yangtze River Hydraulic, the title of Sichuan manufacturing informatization technology engineering demonstration enterprise in the 12th Five Year Plan, which is an affirmation of Yangtze River Hydraulic informatization construction work. Since 2003, Changjiang Hydraulic has started the information construction, and has successively completed the three-dimensional digital

recently, the Department of science and technology of Sichuan Province awarded 20 enterprises including Changjiang Hydraulic as the "12th Five Year Plan" Sichuan manufacturing informatization technology engineering demonstration enterprise, which is an affirmation of the informatization construction of Changjiang Hydraulic

since 2003, Changjiang Hydraulic has started the information construction, and has successively completed the application of CAD technology with the development of three-dimensional digital prototype as the core and the process design with CAPP as the means, product data management, related management technology PDM, as well as modules such as financial management system, human resource management and office automation (OA). 2. Select the type according to the nature of the goods that our company needs to experiment. In 2004, we began to implement the production resource information management system ERP, which makes the company cax/pdm/erp and other information management realize seamless connection. Through the implementation of ERP resource planning system, PDM design management system and CAPP process management system, the process transparency and efficiency are realized; It realizes the integration of production management, inventory management, financial cost management, supply management and sales management, and provides decision support data for company leaders; It promotes the improvement of business level and operation ability, enables employees to cooperate well in strict process management, and improves the efficiency of business processing

the promotion of information construction has improved work efficiency. Establish and completely describe the data and models of products in the whole life cycle through PDM, centrally manage CAD and CAPP data, and transfer BOM data to ERP system through pdm/zrp interface. Under the condition of ensuring the uniqueness of data, it also greatly improves the design efficiency of technical departments, completely liberates technicians from the stack of drawings, and improves the ability of product development and technological innovation; HRM human resource management system has been successfully applied, and more than ten functional modules, such as performance appraisal, position management, salary management, employee training, employee recruitment, have been established, so that human resources can be changed from static management to dynamic management. The successful application of OA office automation system has enabled the company to basically realize paperless office work, and the information transmission is more timely and accurate. Various work orders can be quickly transmitted to relevant departments, improving the work execution. When adding "fuel", at the same time, the successful application of the supporting enterprise collaboration system in some strict testing systems with friction and wear testing machines has fundamentally changed the overall operation efficiency of the enterprise and greatly optimized the original production process

as a key provincial and municipal informatization demonstration enterprise, Changjiang Hydraulic has played a good demonstration effect. In May, 2005, the informatization work conference of China's hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry was held in Luzhou, which spoke highly of the informatization work of Changjiang Hydraulic. This meeting has promoted the informatization work in China's hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry, and Changjiang Hydraulic has once again received high attention from the industry. In 2007, Changjiang Hydraulic was rated as the advanced unit of enterprise informatization engineering in Luzhou, and became the director unit of Sichuan computer society. The following year, it became the demonstration enterprise of "drawing rejection" and "account rejection" of Sichuan manufacturing informatization technology engineering, further improving the popularity of the enterprise

in order to speed up the development of the enterprise, Changjiang Hydraulic has upgraded its ERP from Yifei ERP to Yituo ERP since 2011, further improving the company's information management level and realizing the group management mode. When there is no national metrological calibration specification or corresponding metrological verification regulation for Yituo e, the establishment of RP platform has laid the foundation for the implementation of Bi project. In 2012, on the basis of the smooth operation of Yituo, it began to implement the Bi project, establish the company's data platform, mine "big data", integrate the company's data resources, and provide support for the company's leaders in fine management. The implementation of Bi project has brought the enterprise information construction to a new level and provided strong support for the development of Changjiang Hydraulic

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