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Printing Consortium: the key to the improvement of Hunan's packaging industry

"Hunan's packaging industry is generally in a downturn, and its development is still at a level of great strategic significance to promote steady economic growth and adjust structure and efficiency. Before 1999, boutique packaging was even blank." In the face of this, Ms. Tang Meili, chairman of Hunan Jingwei Company, the trump card of Hunan boutique packaging, opened the conversation to

Jingwei road

Jingwei is unique in Hunan packaging industry, filling the vacancy of Hunan high-quality packaging. Its rise has injected a strong impetus into Hunan packaging industry. When Jingwei was just established in 1999, its main business was not packaging. According to general manager Tang, the original motivation that prompted her to switch to business packaging at that time was to find that at least 3 billion product packaging in Hunan a year was transported to other places, and boutique packaging was blank in Hunan. She felt that there were huge business opportunities in this process, so she turned to boutique packaging with all her strength. "The cost of transporting products to other provinces for packaging is about 2800 yuan per vehicle. If we can pack them ourselves, how much cost can our manufacturers save this year? And how much benefit will it bring to the economy of the whole province? This is an astronomical figure!" General manager Tang Xiang gave a simple example

the current operation mode of Jingwei Company is to implement the "one-stop" operation of guiding consumption to establish a brand, professional packaging redesign, printing and production as a blank, and pressing film to finalize the finished products. Its biggest feature is that the operation is completely market-oriented: the production of products changes the main direction of the company's business in stages with the changes of the market itself. According to liuguiping, vice president of operation, the company's business is mainly the design of tea packaging from January to May this year, Hunan's current tea packaging is very outdated, mainly by introducing some low-grade outer packaging from Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province. There is still great potential for tea packaging; From June to September, mainly engaged in moon cake packaging; From September to December, various gift packages were changed. It can be seen that firmly grasping the pulse of the market and keeping up with the trend of the packaging industry is the key for it to lead the high-quality packaging industry in Hunan

learn from Wenzhou

"Wenzhou is the bridgehead of China's private economy. They do have many things worth learning. Take the packaging industry for example, Wenzhou is at least ahead of us for the first ten years. This is the gap, which we have to admit." General manager Tang's eyes showed admiration and a little sadness. Mr. Tang told that the packaging industry in a county in the south of Guangchang, Wenzhou has a business of nearly more than a billion a year. The packaging industry in Wenzhou has formed a unified printing consortium to undertake business externally, while the printing plants within the group have division of labor and cooperation, and each packaging manufacturer has its own main products and products with its own characteristics. In this way, the production and undertaking business are separated, forming the group's advantages externally; Internally, it can avoid repeated construction, concentrate on breaking through in all directions of the packaging industry, and avoid vicious competition within the industry. In addition, most enterprises in Wenzhou are private economy, which generally adopts the way of joint-stock system and operates flexibly; However, many large printing plants in Hunan belong to state-owned enterprises, which are too heavy to return and do not work well. They need to be further liberalized and the system should be invigorated

"the market potential of Hunan packaging industry is huge (3 billion is still a conservative estimate) For example, the current business of our company can't rise significantly. It's not that there is no business, but that our current production capacity can't keep up with it, and we can't do it. Therefore, the key lies in how we dig. I want to change the current situation of the whole packaging industry in Hunan. It is not enough to rely on one or several Jingwei. The most important thing is that the whole industry should take action. " President Tang believes that the key to improving the current situation of the packaging industry in Hunan lies in the transformation of enterprises' own business mechanism. Wenzhou is a good example. Specifically: first, Hunan Packaging Association will take the lead to strengthen the research and development of precision performance of products and make breakthroughs. The whole packaging industry will unite, twist into a rope, learn from Wenzhou experience, develop economies of scale, and prevent the same industry from paying too much attention to and tracking competitors, focusing on imitation and plagiarism, resulting in the homogenization of undifferentiated brands of products; Second, strengthen publicity, control the level of oil cylinder, establish a credit system, let the whole country and even the world know that Hunan's packaging industry has been developing and has made great progress, change the stereotypes of others on Hunan's packaging industry, and form a good climate conducive to the survival and development of enterprises; Third, the provincial government has given some policy support to build its own brand advantages and make its own characteristics and strength

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