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The key of enterprise brand strategy directly stimulates consumption. The arrival of the era of brand consumption is a business historical process that no enterprise can change. The era of brand consumption is characterized by brand consumption In this era, consumers' choice of goods has gone beyond the level of simple commodity functions to the level of humanized and personalized brands. In the era of brand consumption, every enterprise and commodity has a card There is no good or bad card in your hand, but once you play this card, you will win or lose. How to win the victory of brand consumption is the core of enterprise brand strategy

from the perspective of enterprise marketing reengineering, the key to grasp the brand is not whether you have mastered it. Brand competition is burning your own rules of the game. The key is not that you can beat your opponents with a knife. The key is why you want to enter your brand. Just as cutting watermelon is to eat watermelon, our sole purpose in entering our brand in a market is to stimulate consumption and stimulate consumers to consume our brand

Yang Dongwen, general manager of Skyworth, believes that "the ability to deal with consumers" is the most worthy area for enterprises to invest. What is Haier's core competitiveness? Zhang Ruimin once gave a wonderful answer, which was "a deep understanding of consumers". In the marketing Dictionary of Centennial consulting, brand is not an empty shell, but a real brand. In the era of brand consumption, the only function is to consume, so the key point of enterprise brand strategy is to stimulate consumption

the enterprise brand strategy must grasp whether it can directly stimulate consumption. It can directly stimulate consumption and bring sales. In a broad sense, the brand entry of electronic protective equipment, including hardware and software, is a successful brand entry; Brands that can't directly stimulate consumption, and brands that sell less are brands that fail

when old brands enter new markets, they must directly stimulate consumption, no matter how old your brand is. In the early 1980s, American Coca Cola company wanted to enter the Chinese market with their products. So Coca Cola decided to conduct a street survey in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the way of free intellectual property creation and application capacity significantly improved. The results of the survey disappointed them very much, only 10% of them could accept it, and 20% of them had no clear attitude. In the era of brand consumption, it's not that you have a gold signboard, and someone will naturally take the initiative to consume. You must find ways to stimulate consumption

how to stimulate consumers to consume your beverage brand? The simplest way to stimulate him is to tell him that others drink it every day! After adjusting its thinking, Coca Cola re conducted a free street survey. The difference between this survey and the previous survey is to tell consumers before they try it: Coca Cola is a symbol of American culture and a drink Americans drink almost every day. I didn't expect that the results of this survey were almost completely opposite to the first one. 70% of people can accept the taste of coke, while those who do not accept it drop to 20%, and those who cannot express their opinions account for 10%. You can't stimulate consumption in new markets. You can't do anything with a brand like coca cola

the key of corporate brand strategy is not to stimulate consumption indirectly, but to stimulate consumption directly. This is the reality of business society. Your secretive detours are unworkable. If you don't speak directly, no one has the obligation to help you

the brand entry of melatonin, in addition to the determination of "sweeping the world", also needs a more direct way to stimulate consumption, so there is the famous advertisement that you are tired of listening to: this year's holiday does not receive gifts, only melatonin! Although many people call this advertisement vulgar, from the perspective of enterprise marketing reengineering, this advertisement is indeed a rare classic to grasp the brand and directly stimulate consumption. The brand strategy of directly stimulating consumption is also classic in a word; The brand strategy of not directly stimulating consumption means that the function of using pulse fatigue testing machine is to reduce the occurrence of similar events. Spending a dime is a waste

in the era of brand consumption, the field of brand material performance is the real red sea. The only way to create a brand is to cut into the minds of consumers. The goal of enterprise brand strategy is to win competition. If you want to win the competition, the brand strategy must go straight to the result of defeating your competitors! In the era of brand consumption, the only function of brand is to consume, so the key point of enterprise brand strategy is to directly stimulate consumption. A successful brand strategy is a brand strategy that can directly stimulate consumption and bring about a sharp rise in sales; A brand strategy that cannot directly stimulate consumption, and the more brands you make, the less sales you sell, is a failed brand strategy

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