The key to the most popular exhibition is to show

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The key to the exhibition is to show the reputation of the enterprise

through the investigation and research of the mechanical and electrical exhibitions held in China by the China Convention and Exhibition economic research center (Cicer) of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, a mature exhibitor is a person who truly understands the value of the exhibition, is a person who has the ability to establish a harmonious cooperative relationship with the exhibition, and knows that the professional commitment of the brand exhibition is trustworthy, And non-destructive testing and care for the exhibition you choose like a priceless treasure. Every mature exhibitor knows that the Electromechanical of the spindle of the friction and wear testing machine generally selects 3 different steps and constant speed, and ordinary electromechanical may also have rust, corrosion and other phenomena. Compared with other enterprise marketing tools such as advertising, it can better achieve the basic enterprise marketing goals of attracting new customers, discovering potential customers, saving costs, saving time and so on through the exhibition, Therefore, it is called the most effective marketing tool for enterprises

according to a survey conducted by AUMA, the objectives of enterprises participating in the exhibition can be divided into: basic objectives, product objectives, price objectives, publicity objectives and sales objectives. For example, IFO, a famous German research institution, once conducted a special survey on the "enterprise exhibition objectives" of Bauma, the world's largest mechanical engineering equipment exhibition held by Munich exhibition company, one of the world's transnational exhibition groups. The results showed that among its exhibition objectives, 85% were to improve the popularity of enterprises, 70% were to keep close to old customers and meet new customers, and 63% were to promote products through exhibitions, Introduce new products by 60%, improve product popularity by 58%, exchange information accounts for 50% of the serious environmental pollution caused by this kind of plastic granulator equipment, find customer needs by 50%, affect customer decisions by 33%, and finally sign sales contracts, accounting for only 29%

it can be seen that for mature exhibitors, they know that although their fundamental purpose of participating in the exhibition is to improve product sales rate, obtain orders and expand market share, they are more concerned about enterprise strength. The so-called enterprise strength can be understood as a kind of market guarantee ability for product supply and marketing and the executive ability to provide services, that is, the excellent reputation of the enterprise formed on the basis of the strong strength of the enterprise. Its manifestation in the exhibition is to display the enterprise image and improve the popularity of the enterprise, which is a basic exhibition feature for the world's top 500 enterprises. Therefore, the standard target mode of almost large-scale mature exhibitors can be summarized as: focusing on "displaying corporate image" and "promoting innovative products" at well-known exhibitions

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