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The key of agricultural transformation lies in management

Abstract: agricultural transformation is a test of the strength of all aspects of production management of power supply units. The successful completion of the project requires the full cooperation and joint efforts of each staff of all departments, and the key to success or failure lies in management

key words: the agricultural transformation of the project management mode is a test of the power supply unit's strength in all aspects of production management. The successful completion of the project requires the full cooperation and joint efforts of each employee of each department, and the key to success or failure lies in management. 1. Several methods of project management. There are the following typical project construction management methods:

(1) self support mode: that is, the project owner raises funds by himself, prepares materials by himself, builds by himself, and uses by himself

(2) contract method of Party A and Party B: that is, the owner entrusts or hires the contractor to carry out the project construction, both parties sign the contract, and the owner himself supervises the construction process of the contractor. This method is very common in daily life and is usually used in relatively simple projects

(3) ternary management mode: with the continuous development of productivity, the complexity of the project implementation process is getting higher and higher, so there is a third party between the project owner and each contractor that replaces the owner in supervising and coordinating the project implementation and arbitrates the disputes in the contract implementation, which is called the "supervision unit" in China. This is the so-called "owner, supervisor and contractor" ternary management mode

(4) cm method: after determining the project, the owner first hires cm (professional engineering management unit) to manage the whole project implementation process. The owner relies on cm to select the design unit, conduct bidding, select the contractor, and sign a contract with the contractor. Cm supervises and manages the construction process and contract implementation

according to the classification, we can see that the mainstream equipment is the digital display impact testing machine and the microcomputer controlled screen display impact testing machine. 2. The management mode of agricultural reconstruction project construction

the above four project management modes are commonly used in the market operation, especially the latter two modes are more advanced project construction management methods at present, but because the agricultural reconstruction project has its own characteristics, It is unrealistic to completely apply these two methods in agricultural transformation

(1) characteristics of agricultural transformation project:

① industrial monopoly makes agricultural transformation an administrative behavior to a greater extent, that is, a construction activity within an enterprise, rather than a market-oriented commercial and economic behavior. As the owner, each power supply bureau is not only the investor of the project, but also the builder and user

② most enterprises still follow the old management mechanism. The relationship between departments is only between the upper and lower levels or at the same level. Administrative means are used for management, and the binding force is not strong

③ the project supervision system is not standardized in China, and there are not many qualified professional supervision units, and even fewer cm institutions

(2) management mode of agricultural transformation project construction:

although it is not possible to hire a special agency to manage for itself, it is not good to invite a third supervision unit to monitor the project investment, quality and progress, but we can combine our own characteristics and learn from the ternary management and contract management mode to establish an agricultural transformation management mode similar to the market operation mode among the internal departments of the enterprise

in the past, the management of some engineering construction was generally carried out by establishing a temporary headquarters in the form of sports or general assembly warfare. In this way, due to the unclear responsibilities and interests of various departments, it is easy to cause confusion in construction management. To solve this problem, contracts can be used to clarify the rights and responsibilities of various engineering construction departments to implement the integration of industry services, and link their respective interests with benefits

(3) the role of various departments in the reform and the relationship between them: Figure 1 Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the relationship between various departments in the agricultural reform work. As the specially established Command Department of the agricultural reconstruction, the two reform offices are the owner representatives of the agricultural reconstruction project. Its function is to be responsible for the overall management and coordination of the relationship between the units participating in the construction of agricultural reconstruction projects, and the design of specific projects; Sign contract with construction and material supply units and provide relevant drawings and materials in time; Be responsible for supervising the quality of purchased equipment and engineering construction; Control the investment and progress of the project. The owner's representative is responsible to the owner's power supply unit of the project. The guidelines and policies related to agricultural transformation are implemented through the two reform offices of the owner's representative. All functional departments shall not give orders to the reconstruction project without passing the two reform offices

the two reform offices can entrust the Design Institute of the bureau to carry out the engineering budget and drawing design for each project in the form of contract. As both are power supply units, the design institute can also be included in the two reform office for the convenience of work

the two reform offices can entrust the Biotechnology Department of the power supply unit as the project quality supervision unit, and authorize it to monitor the construction quality of each project

With the support of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, the Biotechnology Department will monitor the project construction and equipment quality after accepting the entrustment, and feed back the situation to the owner's representative in time. The quality supervision department is responsible to the owner's representative and has no direct relationship with the construction and material supply units. The quality supervision department shall have the right to veto the quality, and the project owner shall not provide corresponding funds to the construction and material supply units until it is approved by the quality

the owner's representative can also entrust the financial department and the audit department to monitor the project investment. After accepting the entrustment, the finance and audit departments shall control the project investment, timely feed back the situation to the owner's representative and be responsible to the owner's representative. In order to facilitate management, the fixture of electronic universal experimental machine can be selected as an important part of the instrument, some personnel can be transferred, and a special fund control group can be established, which will be incorporated into the two reform offices of the owner's representative

the construction of each divisional project shall be contracted by the owner's representative to each power supply station, substation or substation branch and work area in the form of contract, and the rights and obligations of both parties shall be specified in the contract. The owner's representative and contractors are in agriculture

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