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Zhou Fengqi: the key to the good development of the new energy industry depends on the guidance of the government.

yesterday, after listening to the report of Yi Jianjun, director of the polyolefin Research Office of the Petrochemical Institute, the project manager, the experts at the pre meeting believed that Zhou Fengqi, the former director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission and the current senior consultant, said when visiting the "China energy reception hall" column of the people that the key to the good development of China's new energy industry depends on the guidance of the government

Zhou Fengqi said that this year, the deformation completely disappeared after the tension was removed. National leaders attach more importance to the development of new energy than ever. It took two to three years from the proposal of new energy to the adoption of the implementation draft, which is very rare. The energy conservation law was fought for eight years, and the renewable energy law was passed. This shows that our country and the public attach great importance to the development of renewable energy

this figure is expected to double within this year. Feng Qi said that the industrial chain of new energy is still under construction and has not been improved. I don't think it's surprising that there are some problems. We need the correct leadership of our policies and see what weaknesses we have to strengthen. For example, to what extent do we master technology, what are the problems with our output and quality, and our strength should be put here, not in quantity, Therefore, our government policy guidance is the most critical

Zhou Fengqi said that due to the support of national policies, enterprises have also formed a series of polyamine products, and the industry is very active in entering the new energy industry. For example, although the total installed capacity of wind power in China is the fourth in the world, the increment is the second, and the United States is the first. We are competitive in catching up. However, due to the high cost and price of the new energy industry, there are many economic problems in order to develop on a large scale. He said that we should pay more attention to quality and be good and fast. Now the word "fast" has been achieved, and the word "good" still needs to work hard

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