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As the top event of domestic wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises, the 2010 national large-scale wind energy equipment industry annual meeting and Industrial Development Forum recently closed in Baoding high tech Zone. The information disclosed at the meeting that the unit kW cost of wind turbines in China has fallen from 6500 yuan to 3850 yuan, which means that domestic wind turbine manufacturing has entered the "3000 Yuan era" of low-cost competition. What impact will this have on industrial development? As the earliest wind power equipment manufacturing base in China, how will China Power Valley meet the challenges

1. The kW cost of wind turbine has fallen by nearly half in two years.

"the wind turbine manufacturing industry has entered the 'era of 3000 yuan'!" On November 11, as soon as the 2010 national large-scale wind energy equipment industry annual meeting and Industrial Development Forum opened, the news disclosed by relevant experts immediately attracted the high attention of all participants. "This judgment is based on the quotation at the recent wind turbine bidding meeting." According to the participating experts, on October 26, at the unit bidding meetings of Zhangjiakou Bashang and Xinjiang Hami wind power base, among the 12 bidding enterprises, Goldwind technology and Sinovel wind power, which are in the leading position in the industry, announced that the unit kW cost of 1.5 MW wind power units fell below 4000 yuan at 3850 yuan and 3983 yuan per kW respectively. In 2008, the unit price of 1.5 MW wind turbines was about 6500 yuan per kW

the fall in fan prices is a trend in the development of China's wind power industry in the past two years. It is a trend to supply high-quality silicone extruded medical catheters with a shorter supply cycle. On the contrary, China's wind power development has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the installed capacity has doubled in the past four years

data show that by the end of 2009, 21581 parallel wind turbines with an installed capacity of 25.8 million KW had been installed in China. It is expected that the cumulative installed capacity will exceed 42million kW by the end of this year, and will surpass the United States to become the world's largest wind power industry by 2014. "Such a momentum of development determines that the price of wind turbines is bound to decline." Qi Hesheng, Secretary General of the wind machinery branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, analyzed that in the rapid development, technical barriers have been broken through, which has led to the gradual decline of the production cost of wind turbines. On the other hand, a large number of enterprises have entered the wind power equipment manufacturing industry, and competition has also led to a decline in prices

facing the sudden arrival of the "3000 Yuan era" of wind turbines, most wind power manufacturing enterprises located in Baoding's China Power Valley feel unprecedented competitive pressure. A person in charge of the enterprise told: "excessive low-cost competition and reduced enterprise profits will make the enterprise have no funds for further research and development and design. If it develops into a bad currency to expel a good one, it will damage the healthy development of the industry."

the impact of competition has been reflected in the whole industry. It is learned that at present, many domestic wind power equipment enterprises have stopped production, or even listed for transfer. At the same time, mergers, reorganization and acquisitions among wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises are becoming increasingly intense, and industrial concentration has become a development trend

2. Expanding production capacity, technological upgrading and facing low price competition

the intense competition has led to the "reshuffle" of the industry, which has become the most obvious feature of the "3000 Yuan era" of wind turbines. So, what does the enterprise rely on to remain invincible? "Enterprises in the valley should first strive to expand themselves." Sun Jinbo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Baoding high tech Zone, said. It is reported that the new energy industry of China Power Valley, located in Baoding high tech Zone, has covered six fields: wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, power transmission and transformation, power saving, power storage and power automation equipment manufacturing. In terms of wind power, an industrial chain has been formed, which is dominated by complete machines and blades, supplemented by control systems and related structural components, and more than 70 related enterprises have gathered

in the recent electricity bidding of Feng domestic enterprises through participation in overseas mineral projects, Goldwind technology offered the lowest price. Guo Jian, its president, said that by optimizing production capacity, the enterprises have achieved production and sales of more than 3000 sets this year, and the cost of scale has been significantly reduced

since this year, expanding their own production capacity has become the same choice for wind power enterprises in the power valley

it is understood that at present, the whole machine enterprise Guodian united power has completed the construction of phase III; Kono Weiye, a control system manufacturer, will increase its production capacity from 500 sets of tixinte experimental machine company to 2000 sets of various experimental machine equipment for professional consumption this year; AVIC Huiteng, the leading enterprise in the blade industry, is embarking on the construction of the fourth phase...

"these expansions are not simply volume increases, but product increments based on technological breakthroughs and independent innovation." Relevant experts believe that technological progress is the root of cost reduction

it is noted that Baoding high tech Zone has become a distribution center for independent innovation to a certain extent: AVIC Huiteng, with the technical background of the only domestic aircraft propeller manufacturing enterprise, has developed 12 series of nearly 40 types of blade products; Blade enterprise Huayi Company began to try to sell products and technology at the same time... "Low price competition cannot be equated with low quality competition." Many Valley entrepreneurs worry about others and remind themselves

3. Develop the whole industrial chain to compete with "investment for resources"

"'3000 Yuan era 'is not a scourge, but we cannot ignore and despise the enemy." Sun Jinbo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Baoding high tech Zone, said. In the interview, it was found that the real threat to China's power Valley caused by the "3000 Yuan era" was the trend of "investment for resources" in the industrial development, that is, some areas with rich wind resources in China proposed to development enterprises that in order to develop wind power locally, they must invest and build wind power enterprises locally. At the annual meeting, more than one expert pointed out that this practice hinders fair competition in the market and is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. However, it is such a local policy that domestic wind power manufacturing enterprises have to give priority to the front line of wind power development when making strategic layout. "In the long run, investors are not only affected by factors such as land and infrastructure, but also by various conditions such as industrial supporting capacity." Sun Jinbo believes that although the power Valley does not have the advantage of wind energy resources, its development environment and industrial supporting capacity are its advantages

taking the complete industrial chain and development environment as the favorable conditions for winning the competition, Baoding high tech Zone has made clear such a guiding idea, that is, it is committed to building various software and hardware environments such as policies and measures, infrastructure, etc. to serve enterprises, and is committed to extending and improving the wind power industrial chain

according to the introduction, Baoding high tech Zone will focus on expanding two ends in the next step: on the one hand, it will support scientific research institutions such as North China Electric Power University to turn the power valley from a manufacturing center to a research and development center; On the other hand, it will develop continuous industries and strengthen productive services such as testing and later maintenance, which has not yet formed a system level standardized product capacity-building with international competitiveness

experts at the meeting said that most domestic wind turbines have passed the warranty period after being installed for twoorthree years. Therefore, industrialized service institutions need to be established for their later maintenance and care. At the same time, professional division of labor such as consulting in the early stage of wind power development, testing and certification of wind turbine products, and operation and management of wind farms has gradually become a new need for industrial development. "If you plan early, it will become a new highlight of industrial development in the valley."

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