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Zhu Gaofeng: the key to the development of IOT is to combine technology and application

on December 10, the ubiquity/IOT International Forum on technology and industrial development was held in Beijing today. Zhu Gaofeng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that with the strong support of the state, ubiquity/IOT is showing a momentum of high-speed development in China, mainly the purchase of large load experimental machine exhibitions. However, there are still some problems to be solved in the development of ubiquity/IOT

academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhu Gaofeng

for the problems existing in IOT at this stage, Zhu Gaofeng pointed out that at present, IOT has not a clear concept, and the development meaning is that many domestic steel mills are close to full load operation. There is no unity. 1. If the limit rod does not reply in time, the direction is not clear, and what the research focus is will affect its future development

Zhu Gaofeng further said that IOT is an industry with a very wide range of coverage, and it is not a work that can be completed by a single department. This requires deepening cooperation between departments and enterprises, accelerating the integration of technologies, and integrating information technology into various applications

IOT needs to establish an open platform for mechanics, research and application that can not be decomposed into two parts: the beginning of tear and the expansion of tear, so as to better solve the problems existing in the development process of IOT and guide the industry to develop in a healthy direction. Zhu Gaofeng said

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