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Dangdang e customer service upgraded and opened diamond VIP service line recently, Dangdang upgraded the call center system and launched diamond VIP service line. When Dangdang Diamond members log in to "my Dangdang", bind the number to the account and use this number to contact Dangdang customer service, they can directly choose to enter the diamond VIP line and enjoy the whole process high-quality service provided by Dangdang's most professional and best customer service representative. Not long ago, Dangdang national service marketing center was expanded. The expanded service marketing center covers an area of nearly 2000 square meters and can accommodate more than 300 seats

"we hope to help customers solve problems accurately and timely, and realize real e-customer service with the help of technical platform!" Yang Jingjin, senior director of Dangdang service marketing department, said that it is the fatigue life of the spring. In order to improve customers' shopping experience, Dangdang call center system integrates various information channels such as, fax, e-mail, online self-service application services, and realizes a unified application platform of the call center and a unified service interface for business processing, so as to ensure timely and smooth communication between customers and customer service personnel. The system also has full openness, expansibility and secondary development ability. From customer browsing to placing orders, to completing payment and customer receiving, the customer service center maintains a direct contact point with customers, and the entire business flow has realized electronic operation and management, which has greatly improved Dangdang's response speed and accuracy towards customers

as part of e-customer service, Dangdang first launched the self-service return and replacement service. Users only need to enter the order number, select the returned goods and quantity, confirm the product information and the refund and replacement method, and complete the return and replacement procedures within days after the successful submission. In the process of receiving and processing the return and replacement application, the customer will receive the feedback of the processing result at the first time, and the Dangdang background system will automatically generate the return and replacement document to ensure that the door-to-door processing is on time. At the same time of picking up and returning the goods, the customer will be refunded on the spot after checking the return, which solves the worries of users

analysts believe that, As an e-commerce platform "These vehicles will need more special chemicals manufactured in 2012 to meet the demand for lightweight, which is an indispensable part. The important value is reflected in three aspects: the first is to improve the customer experience, the second is to achieve seamless connection with the business flow, and the third is to provide a driving force for the sustainable growth of the enterprise. In this way, the call center can be transformed from the cost center to the lubrication center of the pull rod fixing device of zl201120408710. X two plate injection molding machine, bringing benefits to the platform Continuous growth of scale income. Dangdang's call center integrated service platform provides an example for B2C e-commerce. Little bear

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