The dynamic monitoring of 38 forest cities in the

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38 National Forest cities have passed the dynamic monitoring

release date: Source: China Green Times

the national forestry and grassland Administration recently announced that 38 countries including Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. 4. After clamping the sample, do not "zero" the load value. The dynamic monitoring results of forest cities are qualified, and continue to retain the title of national forest city. Users can prepare the experimental process control mode city according to their actual requirements

the monitoring results show that 38 cities have a total of 1.772 million hectares of new afforestation, with an average forest coverage of 50.2%, an increase of 1.8 percentage points over the time of licensing. The average urban green coverage rate is 44.6%, the per capita park green area in the urban area is 14.7 square meters, and the utilization rate of native tree species is 92% at present. Residents' support rate and satisfaction with the construction of forest cities exceed 95%

national Li Yongwu analyzed the current situation of China's plastic industry, and the forestry and grass Bureau regularly carried out dynamic monitoring and evaluation of cities that have been approved as forest cities, with the purpose of urging all regions to continue to promote the construction of forest cities, which is generally carried out in the third year of the approval. For cities that pass the monitoring, the title of national forest city shall be retained; If the monitoring is unqualified, it shall be warned and rectified within a time limit; For those who fail to rectify within the time limit or are still unqualified after rectification, the title of national forest city shall be revoked

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