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Hedong District consolidated the achievements of "creating culture, creating health and creating cities" release date: Source: North

Hedong District fully promoted the work of "creating culture, creating health and creating cities", and all committees, offices, sub districts and communities made great efforts to clean up the dirt and control chaos, so as to consolidate the achievements of "creating culture, creating health and creating cities"

continue to promote the "toilet ① revolution in the testing process"

recently, the district and city management committee, according to the relevant requirements of the "toilet revolution" and the relevant arrangements of the work of "creating a culture, creating a health and creating a city", plans to upgrade and transform six mobile public toilets, further improve the service level of public toilet construction in Hedong District, and provide a convenient, clean, comfortable and beautiful toilet environment,

the public toilet at the intersection of Hongxing Road and Chenyang road is under construction and external pavement. It is planned to complete the lifting and transformation of the public toilet and put it into use by the end of September, and three curvature shapes are designed. The staff told: "before construction, we conducted in-depth research in combination with the actual points, arranged the construction period upside down, and carried out the wall chart battle, and gradually pushed forward according to the time nodes. In March, we completed the construction drawing design of six public toilets, and in May, after the completion of government procurement and bidding, we entered the construction stage. Due to the large number of construction points, civil engineering and supporting construction are carried out in batches, and the construction standards are strict, and the supervisor insisted on daily inspection." So far, the main construction of the six public toilets has been completed, and it is expected that the construction, acceptance and delivery will be completed by the end of October

it is understood that the improved public toilets have beautiful interior decoration, complete facilities and equipment, barrier free facilities, intelligent antifreeze and insulation system and face recognition paper taking equipment. The external shape is unique and organically integrated with the surrounding buildings, so as to enhance the image of the urban area with a new look and boost the "creating culture, creating health and creating a city" in Hedong District

carry out the special activity of "bucket cleaning and bathing"

Chunhua street Xintiandi home community recently organized in-service party members, street sinking cadres, volunteers, etc., focused on the "old and difficult" problem of garbage cans in kangxinli, the old building area, and carried out the special activity of "bucket cleaning and bathing", so as to create a clean, hygienic, tidy, beautiful, civilized and harmonious community living environment for residents

in the scorching sun, community staff and party volunteers wear volunteer armbands, carry forward the spirit of not afraid of dirt, pain and fatigue, wash the surface of the garbage can with washing paint and rinse the body with clean water, and through hard work, a total of nearly 30 problem points of cleaning the garbage can have been accumulated, making the community a new look and winning the unanimous praise of residents

in the next step, the Party committee of Xintiandi home community will also strengthen publicity and guidance, actively encourage residents in the area to develop good living habits such as garbage classification, and work together to improve the living environment to win the battle of "creating culture, creating health, and creating city"

the "whistle blowing" Department of the street "reports for duty"

recently, tangjiakou Street played the "whistle blowing" function, and all relevant units "reported for duty" in time to supervise the safety production and sanitation creation in the factory and yard of the chemical fiber research institute within the jurisdiction. The District Emergency Bureau, the district fire brigade, the market supervision office, the tangjiakou police station and the relevant departments of the street took joint action to implement the main body of the problems found and order them to rectify within a time limit

from June 9, 2020, the street public administration office led the cleaning team to carry out centralized cleaning of the compound of the chemical fiber research institute, clean the toilets in the office building, and upgrade and transform them. Up to now, large trucks have been used to remove garbage for more than 10 times, and small cleaning vehicles for more than 50 times, with a total of about 45 tons of garbage and debris. Through this clean-up, not only the accumulated debris in the hospital was cleared, but also the illegal structures left over for many years were demolished, further helping the work of "creating culture, creating health and creating city"

Recently, the Party committee of Dazhigu Street backstage community, in combination with the work of "creating culture, creating health, and creating cities", has actively played a leading role in Party building, concentrated on the long-standing problems of the community, such as disorderly stacking, disorderly construction, and untimely garbage cleaning, solidly promoted the creation of a civilized urban area in Tianjin, and effectively improved the environmental sanitation of Dazhigu Street backstage community, Further enhance the people's sense of gain and happiness,

it was learned at the scene that building 30 in the backstage community is an old community with a single building. Gas tanks and various waste materials are piled up at random downstairs, blocking the fire passage, causing great potential safety hazards. Due to its disrepair and mess, passers-by cannot find the entrance and exit of the building. Now, the street has upgraded the courtyard, cleaned up all the sundries in the courtyard, and replaced the new ceiling and iron door. The residents of building 30 are very grateful to the community Party Committee for doing practical things for the residents, and immediately clean up all kinds of piles in the hospital by themselves. Grandma Zhang, the resident, said, "thank the community for installing the gate for us. Those who post small advertisements can no longer enter the corridor casually, which also ensures the safety of the residents."

strengthen social publicity

Fumin road street has further strengthened the publicity of "creating culture, creating health and creating a city" to create a good atmosphere for all to know, mobilize, participate and take action

in combination with epidemic prevention and control, "our festival" and "Saturday voluntary travel", the streets have carried out extensive social publicity, and made exhibition boards to publicize core values, "create culture, create health, create city" and public service advertisements in more than 300 places such as main roads, community entrances and exits, billboards, and billboards in the doors of buildings. Promote the circulation and rolling of the slogan "create culture, create health, create city" on the LED display screens of units, communities and street shops under the jurisdiction. Each community, taking the grid as the unit, organized the grid members, the head of the building, volunteers and the checkpoint duty personnel to distribute publicity materials such as the "Tianjin regulations on the promotion of civilized behavior" and "a letter to the majority of residents" to the majority of residents, so as to expand the social publicity and form a strong publicity offensive

in addition, the streets also adopt the "Online + offline" method to draw "creating culture, creating health, creating city" and publicize "concentric circles". Comprehensively publicize the deployment, progress and implementation of the work of "creating culture, creating health, and creating cities" with two online platforms, the "enriching people new window" official account and Zhigu impression. Combine epidemic prevention and control, "World Environment Day", "100 lectures to the grass-roots level", the "cloud classroom" of the booklike Tianjin bookstore book bar with "creating culture, creating health and creating cities", so that more residents can participate in, understand and support the work of "creating culture, creating health and creating cities"

deepen pairing construction and unite the joint efforts of creating health

recently, the Party branch of some departments of the district market supervision bureau and the Party branch of zhenlidao branch of Bank of China Tianjin branch came to the pairing construction community to carry out the volunteer activity of creating health cleaning, and called on all Party members to "create health for everyone, be brave as the pioneer", work together and act together to help carry out the work of "creating culture, creating health and creating city"

during the activity, Party members and cadres and community personnel jointly built the spirit of not afraid of leaving the factory dirty and tiring, and devoted themselves to the volunteer service of sanitation cleaning with full enthusiasm, sweeping the ground and accumulated debris and garbage with brooms, removing weeds and debris in lawns and green areas, and storing debris with garbage bags to make the community environment look new

volunteers help to compete for the vanguard

recently, the communities of erhaoqiao Street took the volunteer service team as the platform, and jointly organized with district affiliated institutions, street organ cadres, law enforcement teams, property companies, community workers, etc. to carry out a centralized clean-up of five old communities, including Jianxin No. 1 Community, Jianxin No. 2 community, fudongli, fudongli, and carpet road

the volunteers carried out the theme activity of "civilized practice exhibition image · help create health and strive for pioneer" through the publicity of "create culture, create health and create a city" and the improvement of health environment. During the activity, volunteers cleaned and scrubbed garbage cans in the areas under the jurisdiction of each community. At the same time, volunteers cleaned the white garbage and cigarette butts in the green belt and cleaned the garbage scattered around the garbage can. Through this clean-up, we have used our own practical actions to affect community residents to change the poor health level to 0.2/1000; Habit, actively publicize the importance of environmental sanitation and home cleaning, guide everyone to start from themselves, actively maintain community environmental sanitation, and strive to form a good atmosphere of widespread concern and participation in the community

community kindergartens jointly carry out publicity

recently, the community of No. 4 road, Zhongshan Gate Street, in conjunction with Huatong future kindergarten, carried out the theme publicity activity of "creating culture, creating health, creating city" to improve residents' awareness of health and civilization

the 4th Road community and Huatong future kindergarten carried out the theme publicity activity of "creating a health, culture and city" in the Youai host cuisine market. Volunteers distributed a letter to the majority of residents in Hedong District and the Tianjin civilized behavior promotion regulations to past residents and merchants to guide residents to consciously develop the good habits of not littering, not scribbling, not building, not smoking anywhere, civilized pet raising and caring for the environment, Participate in the work of "creating culture, creating health and creating cities" as the master

community residents said that they had a deeper understanding of the work of "creating culture, creating health and creating cities" through this activity. In the next step, Zhongshan Gate Street will continue to deepen the mass base of the work of "creating a culture, creating a health and creating a city", create a strong atmosphere for everyone to participate in and share, and form a good situation of "everyone contributes, beautiful direct sale and new face"

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