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Volunteers create digital tool to help Ontarians show proof of vaccination much faster | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

There’s a quicker way to present a digital proof of vaccination to venues in Ontario, but it’s?coming from?a group of citizen volunteers1940AP, not the province, which won’t have its?official app:1618144140000,?ready for use until next month.

In anticipation of Ontario’s new vaccine passportThe population is vaccinated wit, the group?has created an immunization?verification tool that allows users to upload their?receipt from the Ministry of Health and?convert it to an Apple wallet pass or photo for easy accessSome leaders from Modi.

They say it’s a way to save time for both patrons and businesses when checking the certificates.

“It takes time to enforce the mandate;?if we can help save even 10 seconds per person, you can make [doing business] a lot easier,” said Billy Lo,?one of the volunteers who developed the?tool, which is?available at grassrootsThe state to be eligible fo.vaccine-ontario.ca2021-04-25T01:08:03.593Z.

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